5 Tips to Take Care While Choosing a Mixed Breed Dog

Thinking of getting a new pet? Don't know which breed will be good for you? Or which one won't be allergic to household smoke or pre rolled cones? Perhaps a mixed breed dog could be your new best friend.

Dogs are known by a variety of different names, and some of them could be a bit offensive as well. Whatever name you use to call them, there is one thing about cross breed dogs that can never be changed which is their appearance as two mixed breed dogs can never be identical. At times, this makes the dog owner feel proud and overwhelmed by the fact that his pet is one of its kind in the whole  world.

Mixed breed dogs are usually less expensive than purebred dogs and  like any typical purebred dog, they require proper food, health care, physical activity and grooming. Some believe mix bred dogs to be more strong and healthy than purebred dogs due to their mixed genes, however, there is no scientific evidence to prove this fact right.

 Before buying a mixed breed dog,  you should know the original breeds as it will help you to take care of it in a better way. This will help you to figure out what kind of food and exercise is good for it. Following are some other important factors to consider before buying a mixed breed dog:

While buying a cross breed dog, the first step is to look for a trustworthy and reliable dog breeder. Dog breeders can play a key role in helping you find a perfect dog for you. Therefore, it is extremely important to find a dog breeder that you can really trust. At times, a breeder can also guide you in raising and taking care of your pet dog.

2. Joining Different Communities for Pet Lovers

As with buying any other pet, it is extremely important that you do some research yourself before going to a dog breeder for getting a new dog. You can even join different online communities and Facebook pages for dog owners or  read personal blogs of other pet- owners to gain a better insight on how it is actually like to own and raise a cross breed dog.

3. Asking for a Customer Reference

Once you have found a reliable dog breeder, make sure to ask for one or two references of previous customers. You can ask the references about their overall experiences with the services of the breeder. You can also ask for any inconvenience or problems faced while raising a mix breed dog. Also, make sure to visit the dog breeder and the dog itself personally. You can check whether or not the dogs are raised in sanitary conditions and what they are fed. You can also check how active or playful they are in front of new people. It is equally important that you check the dog's parents to get an idea about their breed and how it will look as a grown-up dog in the future.

4. Getting Complete Medical History of Your Dog

Make sure to ask for a complete medical history of your dog from his previous owner/breeder.  You can also ask for OFA and CERF breeding dog eye exam certificates. These certifications will help you to know and explain any health problems that your pet may face in the future and will help you to take care of your dog accordingly.

5. Getting Necessary Dog Papers and Registration

Buying a cross breed dog requires a lot of time and patience. Make sure to invest time and money in finding the perfect dog breeder that is within your budget as well. Also, a breeder usually raises the puppy himself during the initial months after the puppy's birth to allow him to spend some time with his parents before being given to his owner. During this period, you can make a proper place for your new pet and buy his food, toys, leash etc. Another major step while buying a mixed breed dog is to get the necessary documentation of your pet's pedigree. Make sure to get these papers before taking the puppy from the breeder.

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