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Are The Best Remote Electronic Dog Collars Humane? Top 3 Reviewed

Remote Electronic Dog Collars are touted to teach basic obedience and solve all manner of behavioral problems.  Some dog specialists even claim that they can help train your dog to do almost anything. But are they really that effective? And more importantly, are they humane enough?

Quite a number of dog owners wonder why dog training collars should be used at all, and favor using other methods such as behavioral training and positive reinforcement which they believe can work just as well. But the challenge with solely using positive reinforcement training is that canines, just like people, tend to get distracted by their surroundings. It’s very difficult for a dog to overcome its natural instinct to, say, chase after a kill, when he knows he should remain beside his master during their morning walk or get your attention when he’s distracted by other activities happening around him such children playing or moving cars. This is where the remote electronic collar comes in handy as a dog training tool because it gives dog handlers a more reliable way to control their dogs when they're off the leash.

How Remote Dog Training Collars Work

Remote dog training collars comprise a handheld transmitter and a wireless collar receiver which you place on your dog. You then set the transmitter to send a radio signal to your dog’s collar which can be in the form of a tone, vibration or static shock to reward or deter certain behavior.

Are Electronic Dog Collars Humane?

Yes, they can be, provided your dog is old enough to understand what wrong behavior is being corrected. One way to assess your pup’s suitability for such training is to observe his reaction to an accidental situation. Take the example of a young pup who gets stuck somewhere and they can’t get out easily. Many dog owners have encountered this situation and can attest how reluctant their pet can be to go back to the compromising situation afterwards. This is an indication that your pup is beginning to learn how their environment works and how to interact with it.

In the same way, before we start using electric dog training collars we must first of all be sure the dog is able to make a connection between the negative stimulation he gets from the collar and the actions we want to stop. Only then will he avoid the behavior. Equally important is finding the most suitable stimulation level to administer to your dog. Remote dog training collars come with adjustable stimulation levels, to make them fit your dog’s temperament and age. Be careful not to over correct your pup especially if he’s very young as this can stress him and hinder the learning process. 

As a word of caution, the collar shouldn’t be left too long on the dog, and you shouldn’t leave your dog unattended while he’s wearing it. In fact, 12 hours should be the maximum time your dog should have it on.

How To Reinforce Good Behavior With The Aid Of An Electronic Dog Collar

Example 1: Reinforcing commands your dog already understands:

Electric dog collars are a great tool for reinforcing verbal commands like "Sit," "quiet," or "come." Provided your dog understands the command beforehand.

Here's how to do it:

attaching collar

Before you start using the collar make sure you understand how the transmitter works. Attach it to your dog and call out the command. If your pup fails to respond, correct him by pressing the transmitter button. Start with the dial set at the lowest level – remember your primary objective is to get his attention, not to harm him. In this scenario, your dog is supposed to associate the stimulation with your voice and should respond quickly. When he replies with the correct behavior, reward him. This can be either by a simple pat, a verbal praise, or a treat. This will further reinforce the right behavior.

Example 2: Controlling aggressive or nuisance behavior:

The best approach in this scenario not to let your dog know that you’re the one causing the collar to transmit the shock waves. You want him to think that his actions are responsible for creating the unpleasant sensations. You may control the transmitter while hidden away from him by, say, waiting in the house while observing him through the window.

Here's how it works:

Wait for a period when your pup is highly engrossed in bad behavior like barking incessantly, digging, eating poop or chasing cars. That's when you press the transmitter button. Be sure to use the lowest effective stimulation level. Only increase the level if he keeps repeating this behavior.  Do this and your pup will soon learn that his behavior is the reason for the unpleasant sensation even when you’re not around.

When Should I Introduce My Dog To An Electric Collar?

Most makers of dog training collars recommend six months as the minimum age to start using one on your pup. In some cases, you may need to hold off for longer. One way to acclimatize your dog to his collar is to place it on him a month earlier without applying any correction. This way your pup won’t end up associating wearing the collar with receiving the corrective stimulus- also known as being “collar aware”.

Top 3 Best Remote Electronic Dog Collars Reviewed

1. PETDIARY New Safe Shock Dog Training Collar with Long Range Remote

The Petdiary Dog Training Collar that comes with a 2-year warranty is designed with the best solution for dog training in mind. The product is customer-focused developed and upgraded to enable you and your dogs to have a great relationship.

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  1. Comes with basic beep and 8 vibration levels designed to solve most bad behaviors in a more personalized way.
  2. Includes a more advanced 16-layer static shock that subdivides the previous 8-layer to minimize potential harm to dogs and provide more options for users.
  3. Comes with a super waterproof collar receiver.
  4. Has an adjustable reflective nylon strap capable of fitting neck size from 8.5 to 25 inches, weight from 10-100 LBS.
  5. Features a wall-through with long remote range signal transmitter that allows you to control it remotely in a timely manner.
  6. Has a clear LCD screen with upgraded LCD backlight HD monitor that makes reading it easier even under the strong sunlight.
  7. Features Rapid and Synchronized Recharging: You can charge the receiver and transmitter at the same time, and only require 2 hrs for full charge.

             What We Liked:

  1. The collar is adjustable and suitable for dogs of different sizes and breeds.
  2. The fact that it had 3 different training options available makes it easier to customize for your dog’s training.
  3. Very easy to use and my dog works very well with it.

             What We Didn’t Like:

  1. If we have to be picky, the rubber caps for the controls don't stay on.
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2. Petrainer PET998DBB2 100% Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

The Petrainer PET998DBB2 is designed and built to suit a new user and is capable of accommodating different trainers’ needs thanks to its 3 modes: beep, vibration and shock stimulation. It also comes with two waterproof receivers

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  1. Its Remote Transmitter can control up to two dogs using 2 collar receivers
  2. Adjustable Collar Size: Can fit small, medium, large dogs as well as puppies, 15 lbs or bigger.
  3. Includes Rechargeable Lithium Batteries for Receiver and Transmitter which can be charged at the same time
  4. Comes with a Waterproof Collar Receiver, Rainproof Remote Transmitter
  5. Comes with 100 Stimulation levels of Static Shock and Vibration, 1 Level of Standard Tone
  6. Designed to save on power with Automatic Standby and Memory Function
  7. Has an Auto-Protect Mode making it an effective and safe training system

             What We Liked:

  1. The 100 levels of vibrate and shock make it highly versatile and adjustable to suit a wider variety of dogs.
  2. The two waterproof collar receivers come in very handy for a pet owner with two dogs that like to swim. 

             What We Didn’t Like:

  1. The collar may not fit snugly around your dog’s neck which can create problems when operating it.
  2. The remote control layout could do with some improvement. Difficult to use since you have to check if it's on the right setting the right frequency while using it.
Amazon Rating: rating_stars-4
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3. Bousnic Dog Training Collar 2018 Upgraded 1000ft Remote

Bousnic Dog Training Collar provides a Safe, humane, and effective way to improve your dog’s behavior at home or in social settings.

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  1. The upgraded shock collar has ergonomic, easy-access button sizes in a simpler format that’s easier to operate for pet owners and takes effect from standby state immediately.
  2. Has a 1000ft wireless range guaranteeing strong signal penetration that never fails to alert your dog.
  3. Has a Super safe protection mode which enables it to deactivate when the Vibration or Static Shock continuously runs for over 10 seconds, preventing the command from being executed by mistake.
  4. Comes with a waterproof collar receiver suitable when swimming, bathing, or even in the harshest weather.
  5. Has a 2-1 charger, which enables the remote and receivers to be charged simultaneously.

             What We Liked:

  1. The collar is adjustable and suitable for dogs of different sizes and breeds.
  2. Its waterproof collar works perfectly even while your dog swims or takes a bath.
  3. The charging power lasts over 3 weeks so you don’t have to keep recharging, which is very convenient.

             What We Didn’t Like:

  1. For $47 and considering what it’s capable of doing, it’s slightly on the pricier side.
Amazon Rating: rating_stars-4
TufToys Rating: rating_stars-4

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