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Why is My Older Dog Peeing in the House & What Can I Do?

What are the possible causes of an dog starting to pee in the house? How does a dog owner determine if the reason his dog is having accidents in the house is because he getting old?

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs: 5 Causes & 5 Treatments

Separation Anxiety is a fear/anxiety-based behavior in dogs. It is a common dog problem that can affect any dog breed at any age. They basically are afraid (anxious to the point of panic) about being left alone.

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy & When To Call A Vet

There is so much you can do at home to keep your dog healthy and when they do fall ill, you can learn to read the signs and decide whether it is time to call a vet.

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What Shall I Feed My New Pup? Getting It Just Right

Introducing a puppy to a new home and giving it the life it deserves is enjoyable and exciting for a family. However, many families stress about purchasing the right food for their new pup so they can grow healthy and lead a long life.

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5 Tips for Understanding Dog Food Labels: What’s Really in His Food?

Unfortunately, like with so many other products, the majority of what we find on a label of dog food is pure, unadulterated marketing.

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Food Intolerance in Dogs: The Best Alternative Food Options Uncovered

Finding the best dog food for allergies or Intolerance will take a bit of time and effort as it is likely to be a process of elimination.

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Natural Remedies to Treat Dog Dandruff

What is Dog Dandruff?

Dog dandruff is very similar to dandruff that people get and in most cases is easily treatable.

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Has Your Dog Brought Fleas In Bed With You?

How do Dogs get Fleas?

The flea problem: those pesky little bugs have an annoying knack of popping up everywhere. Despite your best efforts of keeping them off your dog, they still somehow manage to get their way.

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Can Ticks Kill Dogs & What’s The Best Dog Tick Treatment?

When you spot that one tick on your dog, take it easy. Granted, it’s a problem but not a fatal one to get you all worked up.

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What Is Puppy Vaccination Schedule and Cost Of Dog Rabies Vaccine Shots?

During the formative years of your pup’s life, the best gift you can give him is to take care of his physical health by having him vaccinated.

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