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How to choose the dog breed that suits you best

Where do you start?

With the addition of a few new dog breeds, the American Kennel Club (AKC) now recognizes 175 breeds. There are, of course, hundreds of other breeds not recognized by the AKC, such as the many so-called designer dogs that have cropped up in recent years, but the base 175 are the ones most people know.

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What Is National Dog, Puppy And Pet Day All About?

They say Man’s best friend is the Dog. No one is as loyal as our pet dog, usually considered as much a family member as anyone else. We take them away on holidays with us, snuggle with them when it’s cold and they are always there for company whenever we need them. Dogs don’t ask for much more than a cuddle, a stroke and a warm place to sleep. Yet no matter their feelings or mood they are always there when we call them with the same look of love in their eyes and that excited wagging tail. In honor of these beautiful creatures we celebrate ‘dog day’.

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