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Canines and the City: 3 Steps to House-train Your City Dog!

Many more city dwellers are choosing to have dogs as pets. The city can be a fun place for your pooch but does not come without its challenges.

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Choose The Best Trainer or Training Course for Your Dog

Do dogs need a specialist trainer to help them learn all the essentials of behavior and socialization?

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Naughty Dogs…Stop Jumping! Stop Chewing! Stop Digging!

You love your furry friend but he can be rather naughty sometimes! Three of his favorite naughty games to play are jumping, chewing and digging. Sound familiar?

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Why Is My Dog So Angry and What Can I Do To Calm Him Down?

It’s important to realize that any dog is capable of biting under certain circumstances. It’s a myth that only vicious dogs bite.

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The Best Top 3 Training Tips You’ll Find For Your Small Dog!

Your small dog has specific training requirements that can help him become a happy and healthy companion. From choosing the right leash, dog collar and even considering a muzzle, there are many ways to ensure you meet the training needs of your small dog.

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Dog Bark Collars: Cruel or Kind?

What is known as a bark or shock collar can seem excessive to some in training their dogs to minimize their barking. However, many believe that there are many benefits to these collars when used correctly.

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4 Ways To Stop Dogs Running Riot When They’re Home Alone

At some point in your dog’s life, he is likely to be left at home on his own. If you left Scamp tomorrow for a while, what would be the result?

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Can Your Dog & Your Baby Really Be Best Friends?

Dogs and children can grow up to be great friends. Many of us have very special memories of being with
a “best friend” as a child.

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How To Choose, Adopt & Train Your Puppy

What To Expect From Your Puppy

Your Puppy’s First Days

It is important in your puppy’s first days that you understand what to expect from your puppy.

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4 Ways of Training Your Dog or Puppy For Different Things

#1: Potty Training

4 Important Rules

Dog potty training, otherwise known as dog house training or housebreaking a dog, is something many dog owners face with fear and anxiety.

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