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Techniques For Training Your Dog On A Leash

Since dog training must be approached within the context of the overall dog-owner-relationship, don’t expect the techniques you’re learning to guarantee perfect performance in your dog unless you correct the other defective aspects of your relationship at the same time.

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How to Raise Your Puppy to be a Balanced Dog

While obedience training goes a long way to giving you a well-behaved dog, it doesn’t always solve or prevent all behavior issues.

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How to Stop Your Dog Digging Your Garden Up!

Different Schools of Thought

There are two very different opinions when it comes to dogs and their digging habits. At one end of the spectrum you have those who believe that dogs will be dogs and digging is in their nature so it’s cruel to stop them doing so.

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How to Stop Your Dog Barking

Figuring Out Why

A lot of people don’t want their dogs to bark. At all. They think that a well behaved dog shouldn’t bark.

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Why Do Dogs Play Bite & Nip?

When To Worry

If your dog seems to get a little over excited while playing and often nips or play bites you may need to do some reconditioning to teach him what an acceptable bite force is.

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How Do You Potty Train A Puppy And Stop Them From Eating Poop?

Getting a new pet puppy is an exciting experience that can quickly turn sour if you’re not prepared for the next challenge: house training. Not many pet owners can cope with a pup whom you have to constantly clean after, especially when you have a day job to think about as well.

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How to Calm a Dog Down When He’s Being Aggressive

Aggressive behavior is the number-one reason why pet parents seek professional help from dog trainers and veterinarians. But the term “aggressive” can mean a whole bunch of things ranging from rigid posture and guttural barking to lunging at and biting the victim. Aggressive behavior occurs for varying reasons, so the first step towards calming your dog down is understanding why he’s displaying this behavior in the first place.

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How to Stop Your Dog Barking At the Postman

Why do dogs bark at strangers? It’s a question you probably ask yourself whenever the postman comes around and gets an earful from your furry friend. It can get quite irritating too and in extreme cases, even cause friction with your neighbors. Luckily, excessive barking is something you can control if you understand the reasons behind it.

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