Dog recovering following horrific case of animal cruelty in Saginaw County



SAGINAW COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) – A dog is on the mend following a horrific case of animal cruelty in Saginaw County.

Bella, a roughly 1-year-old pitbull mix was found with no food or water in the backyard of a home Aug.16 entangled in a tether to the degree it couldn’t move.

“It was pretty gruesome and pretty sad to see and as soon as we saw her — we knew we had to get her out of there,” said Saginaw County Animal Control officer Desi Sage.

Bella was in such distress that she chewed one of her hind legs off to try and free herself.

“They were able to free the dog and secure her and transport her for emergency medical care — and then we did an animal cruelty investigation, which is still actually open at this point,” said Bonnie Kanicki, Saginaw County Animal Control Director.

Kanicki says the incident stems from a domestic dispute between the owner and a person the owner lived with.

“We have a person of interest in the investigation. It is not the owner. The owner has since surrendered the dog over to us, and we’re looking for help for her,” she said.

Bella underwent surgery to remove what was left of the exposed bone in her leg and she’s doing fantastic now.

However, because she was in such a traumatic situation, she’s going to need some work — especially when it comes to aggression and food.

Kanicki says they are looking to place Bella in a rescue that specifically deals with life threatening trauma before the prospect of adopting her out can even be entertained.

“She’s very resilient. It’s amazing. These animals have a lot to teach us about forgiveness,” she said.

Animal cruelty charges were submitted to the Saginaw County Prosecutor’s Office for review just yesterday.

We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more about this investigation.

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