Funny Dog Costumes

TufToys has been tracking down some of the coolest and funniest dressed dogs on the planet. They love to show they have a sense of humor when it comes to their sense of style. How much their owners are involved is unclear

Guitar Player

Court Jester

Giant Panda

Business Suit

Jedi Knight


Christmas Elf

Guitar Player

Princess Leia

Rodeo Cowboy

Blue Shark

Jogging Suit

Ballet Tutu

Star Wars Ewok

Santa Reindeer

Martial Arts

All American Mullet

Wonder Woman


Mickey Mouse

Party Headband

Santa Claus

Darth Vader

Bantha w/ Rider

Mexican Poncho

Basic Hoodie

Gold Tiara

Teddy Bear


Tuxedo w Tie

Tuxedo w Bowtie

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Funny dog costumes

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