Funny Dog Memes – Part 4

We all wonder what our favorite four-legged friends are thinking. Luckily, TufToys has been perfecting a device that can read their minds. See if you agree with what Part 4 came up with.

funny picture of excited dog looking very enthusiastic
cool dog hanging out of window looking very dapper
funny picture of dog getting sucked into back seat of car
funny picture of angry dog biting a mans crotch area
funny picture of cute dog with bin top on his head
funny picture of puppy disguising herself as a potato
TufToys Picks For Xmas
funny picture of dog trying to get tennis ball but slipping off table
cute puppy looking reluctant to face the outside world from bed
funny picture of dog with a lot of explaining to do, after tearing up the place
cute picture of dog pleading for treats
funny picture of five dogs posing for a photo with one ruining it for everyone
funny picture of puppy looking scared, possibly fearing being sabotaged by a gang of kids
Bed/Kennel/Crate Xmas Picks
cute puppy sitting in a coffee cup instead of a tea cup, proclaiming to be a coffee fan
cute pic of two frenchies offering french kisses, possibly in exchange for treats
cute pic of puppy all shampooed and lathered up from bath time
cute picture of a dog and cat looking very sheepish about doing something wrong, maybe breaking something
funny picture of dog dressed in silly dog costume with black rabbit ears
cute puppy dressed in lazy boy hat lounging around doing very little
Food/Drink Dispenser Picks
cute picture of puppy and young child talking about their future in the garden
funny picture of puppy protesting that she is trained to be a lap dog not lap dancer
cute picture of puppy bathing while wearing a shower cap
cute picture of doberman with floppy ear wondering why no one will pet him
funny picture of dog looking shocked at the revelation of the word on his hat
Coat/Jacket/Saddlebag Picks
cute labrador dog holding Mjolnir, Thors hammer, creating the pun labrathor
cute puppy reflecting on his life in a plane, resolving not to chase his tail
funny dog looking very stern, possibly addressing his errant puppy
pic of funny dog with jaws wrapped around another dogs head
funny picture of puppy cutting out the middle man of a bowl for a dinner stand
menacing looking dog about to make a smooth move on a lady
6 Top Random Xmas Ideas

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