Funny Dog Memes – Part 5

We all wonder what our favorite four-legged friends are thinking. Luckily, TufToys has been perfecting a device that can read their minds. See if you agree with what Part 5 came up with.

funny pit bull puppy who may be swimming a little lower than anticipated learning doggy paddle
a cute doberman and a dachshund comforting each other in a time of confusion
hilarious picture of a fussy dog getting flustered about being summoned to the door in a towel
funny labrador retriever expressing concern over his owners overly friendly behavior towards another dog
funny dog meme of labrador baking something in her kitchen, this time kibble kake
funny pic of black labrador with little grasp of the concept of playing cards poker faced
TufToys Best Sellers
cute labrador staring her owner down in hopes it will pressure her out of bed
funny picture of dog falling through top of fish tank and contemplating how his life got to this point
funny groggy looking dog looking a little worse for wear, fearing he has missed out on something
adorable labrador trying to persuade her owner there is no need to pack anything but her
sheepish looking dog fearing the worst after the moment of madness that led to a room getting trashed
funny picture of an old dog with something to prove, namely that they still have a few tricks up their sleeve
Beds / Kennels / Crates
funny picture of a border collie coming up for air and unexpectedly finding a raft of beavers
strange picture of a dog that looks deflated and in dire need of being pumped back up immediately
cute picture of a girl kissing her dog at head height, the GSD looks touched
funny picture of two dogs bursting out of the door when opened for playtime
two delightful pugs in a shopping cart keen on hitting the dog treat aisle asap
funny dog killing time with his laptop playing pointless quizzes on the interwebs
Food / Drink Dispensers
funny pic of a dachshund wearing some kind of black bunny rabbit hat with pride
cheeky picture of dog about to bust an ill-judged move on some poor unsuspecting femalecheeky picture of dog about to bust an ill-judged move on some poor unsuspecting female
funny picture of a german shepherd taking his watchdog duties a little too seriously
funny picture of a black lab being pulled over by the police while in the drivers seat
funny pic of dog getting herself into an almighty tangle, possibly attempting dog yoga
Coats / Jackets / Saddlebags
amusing picture of a dachshund who doesnt seem to realize the gravity of the photo op being taken
emotional picture of a dog comforting a goat for reasons unknown, perhaps a troll
funny picture of a lazy husky dog who seems to have given up on his duties
menacing picture of funny dog with glint in his eye after his latest destruction
funny picture of a dog hogging a cat tree with a bemused cat looking on
sad picture of puppy fearing his cute pictures are no longer being shared online

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