Funny Dog Memes – Part 6

We all wonder what our favorite four-legged friends are thinking. Luckily, TufToys has been perfecting a device that can read their minds. See if you agree with what Part 6 came up with.

cute GSD sticking his snout in his owners face in a somewhat impatient manner
funny german shepherd dog getting snout stuck in car seat head rest and regretting it
funny picture of a small dog under the illusion a crowd of people are gathered especially for him
funny picture of a bemused dog trying to justify a large croc sandal on his head
celebrity dog who doesnt have the time of day for mere mortals like you and me
funny picture of a serious looking dog wrapped in swaddling, probably for fun
TufToys Best Sellers
hilarious picture of grumpy looking dog who does not see the funny side of missing dog food
michaelangelos God creates Adam mural recreated with some guy and his dog
funny picture of annoyed looking dog forced into another pointless selfie by his girlfriend
cute picture of labrador unable to move due to an even cuter fawn sat on his legs
funny picture of dog collapsed on his back on a sofa looking unlikely to move any time soon
cool picture of poodle with head out of a car window looking very stylish
Beds / Kennels / Crates
cute picture of german shepherd laying at feet of owner imploring her not to go out
funny lazy dog looking forward to relaxed day of doing nothing after heavy night
cute picture of grumpy looking dog whose bad mood refuses to be appeased with coffee
funny picture of dog smoking cigar and wondering how the hit he ordered failed
cute picture of proud new daddy dog suggesting his puppys good looks are attributable to him
cute puppy wearing a poncho and sombrero wondering if the look could be improved with a cigar
Food / Drink Dispensers
shocked looking puppy wondering if his owner is endangering his life with excessive pizza
funny picture of a mean dog threatening a baby with sanctions should there be any problems
cute picture of a dog covered in soap suds and temporarily looking like a polar bear
funny picture of three dogs poking their snouts through the bathroom door
funny picture of an overly keen dog awaiting an unsuspecting mailman, ready to pounce
hilarious picture of a bulldog giving tips to his cat buddy on how to relax on weekends
Coats / Jackets / Saddlebags
moving picture of a soldier and his dog getting through another day of battle
cute picture of two dalmation puppies play fighting over a TufToy
funny dog pulling his owners sheets in a futile attempt to get him up
grumpy dog looking pretty hard done by yet somehow adorable at the same time
picture of a funny pug dressed up as a sheep but feeling foolish and not fooling anyone
picture of an adorable dog looking very pleased that the weekend has finally arrived

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