Funny Dog Memes – Part 7

We all wonder what our favorite four-legged friends are thinking. Luckily, TufToys has been perfecting a device that can read their minds. See if you agree with what Part 7 came up with.

funny picture of mother labrador looking far from radiant about her new littler of puppies
awesome picture of black labrador with a plan to solve his yellow lab pals predicament
funny picture of drugged up labrador coming home from the vet in good spirits
funny picture of a spoiled looking dog getting pampered yet strangely use to it
funny picture of cat about to get a rude awakening courtesy of a carelessly dangling tail
TufToys Picks For Xmas
cute picture of puppy sadly and reluctantly waving bye bye to another fun weekend
content looking dog pleased with todays alternative to a walk in the park
funny picture of german shepherd making it clear he has no intention of giving up his seat
funny picture of shocked puppy looking aghast at his owners latest request
funny pic of a losing day for a grumpy dog wondering if he can do anything today that wont backfire on him
funny picture of dog wondering if theres nothing they can do to help in the bathroom
Bed/Kennel/Crate Xmas Picks
amusing picture of a dog trying to wake up its owner with a mesmerizing look approach
hilarious picture of a dog trying to look as innocent as possible after getting into a pickle with a Christmas tree
funny picture of a dog choosing a wedding dress as a makeshift seat during the church service.
This bemused doggy is starting to suspect foul play, unless the owner is seriously over-anthropomorphising their dog's need for a winter sweater (probably a bit of  both)
funny picture of a german shepherd proving dogs are just as capable of teaching their owners given the necessary tools
cute picture of a puppy looking in disbelief at the cold weather outside before concluding all bowels movements will have to be conducted inside
Food/Drink Dispenser Picks
adorable dachshund puppy fearing the end of his short life could be a distinct possibility the way its going
delightfully impatient mastiff puppy looking forward to getting home and bed while the owner continues to dawdle
funny bull terrier dog looking very street wise in his bling and chauffeur driven wheels
funny picture of sad puppy with lost eyes wondering if they'll ever be shared again
cute picture of small dog looking very girly in an amusing all pink outfit while hoping to be taken seriously driving
two very cute puppies are finally released into the wild after a laboriously boring road trip
Coat/Jacket/Saddlebag Picks
cute picture of cute bull terrier looking very proud showing off his new car
picture of cute puppy wondering if he'll get any gifts or if he's just some mug doing the deliveries
funny pic of annoyed looking puppy sick of all the keyboard warriors hiding behind their fake names
adorable puppy wondering when of if she will get any of the presents shes been helping deliver for a while
funny picture of two dogs with one trying to fit the head of the other into its jaws, resulting in confusion abound
great picture of two dogs looking exhausted to the point of one passing out after a long day of chasing things
6 Top Random Xmas Ideas

Sharing Is Caring 🙂

Sharing Is Caring 🙂

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