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Has Your Dog Brought Fleas In Bed With You?

How Do Dogs Get Fleas?

The flea problem: those pesky little bugs have an annoying knack of popping up everywhere. Despite your best efforts of keeping them off your dog, they still somehow manage to get their way.

dog scratching fleasThese annoying little creatures find ways to get into your home and onto your pets even when you take precautions. And all it takes is just a couple of the blood-suckers to set off a full-scale infestation on your pet and in your home. The best you can do is to reduce the possibility of your pet catching them. To do that, you’ll need to know where your dog is picking up fleas.

Fleas From Other Animals

It’s literally impossible to keep every wild animal out of your yard. Not unless you’ve built your home on a ship floating over Pacific. Even with your huge fence, things like feral cats, squirrels, and other small rodents will find their way in. And they’ll come carrying fleas. The more such visitors you get, the higher the population of fleas you’ll be dealing with. So make the visitors feel unwelcome by forgetting to leave stuff like corns, nuts and seeds out in the open. Keep your dog’s drinking bowl somewhere only accessible to the dog.

The Difference Between Fleas and Bed Bugs

Typical Bed Bug

Following are the most important differences between fleas and bed bugs:

  1. Fleas are usually brought into your home by furry animals, such as your dog. Whereas bed bugs are mainly brought in by people.
  2. You’ll never see a bed bug jumping around your house, as they can only crawl. If you ever see a bug like pest that is jumping for almost 13 inches, you are dealing with fleas.
  3. Fleas are potential causes of diseases like typhus. Due to the risk from any of these diseases, be serious about the fact that you need flea control in the home. Bed bugs are relatively harmless in this aspect.
  4. Typical Flea

    Another important factor to differentiate fleas from bed bugs is their looks. Both fleas and bed bugs are reddish brown, which is why most people confuse between them. However, bed bugs are seed shaped and flatter. Whereas the fleas’ body shape is oval and they appear to be longer.

Now that you have determined that you are actually dealing with fleas, let’s discuss some of the most effective methods of pest control for fleas.

The Human Factor

Yes, you are in danger of infecting your dog with fleas. You and your human friends coming into your home may be flea transporters. Those creatures are so small you’ll probably not notice that you picked them up while you were out on your hike. Getting a free ride on your pants legs, shoes and socks are easy for the fleas.

The Environment

Any time your dog goes out for a walk, run, play date, visit the vet, a car ride, basically anywhere outside your home, it’s susceptible to fleas. The only assurance is keeping your dog locked up in a sanitized environment, but you can’t do that, can you? So when you’re back from those visits, give the canine a thorough body check. Pay careful attention to the furriest spots on its skin and those deep crevices. Check out places like its neck fur and abdomen, and don’t leave out the armpits.

Taking Care of the Flea Problem

When you discover that your dog has fleas, act fast. There’s a high chance that your home may have fleas too. Don’t panic; the situation can be handled. First things first-deflea your pet, then get to your house later. There are numerous pesticides on the market. Preferably, go for those that target the adult fleas as well as their larvae. Do not immediately give your dog a bath after applying the medication. In fact, wait for 4-5 days. This is as most f the treatments migrate into dog’s subcutaneous fat layer to make the body inhospitable to both fleas and their eggs. Apply the medication gently. The fleas have already made your pet’s skin itchy, sensitive and uncomfortable. Don’t add to its troubles by rough handling.

Now for your home. Just vacuum the whole of it. After you’re done, seal the vacuum bag in plastic and throw it away. You can sprinkle some borax onto the floor and carpet before you do the vacuuming to make the fleas sluggish and easier to collect. Also, wash the dog’s sleeping area with hot water. If you find more evidence of fleas, it’s time to call the exterminator.

Has Your Dog Brought Fleas In Bed With You?

Your best furry friend is loads of fun to snuggle up with, but unfortunately, he can sometimes bring home unwanted visitors with him. But is he to blame for the itchy, sleepless nights you’ve been having? It is common for bed fleas in bed to be confused with bed bugs. Both types of insect are prevalent in urban, heavily populated cities like London, and pest control professionals see these problems all the time, so there is no need to feel embarrassed. And regardless of whether they are bed bugs or fleas, you will want to eradicate them from your bed as soon as you can. However, to be sure of enlisting the most effective flea pest control treatment, you do need to determine what is it that you’re actually dealing with. So, are they fleas or bed bugs?

How to Perform Flea Control in House & Your Bed

  1. Wash Your Dog and Their Bedding

Cute Dog Wash Dog Mammal Animal Laundry Day Pet

First of all, you need to control where your fleas in bed are coming from. Get your doggy clean, and preferably treat your pet for fleas. Be very discerning about which topical product you use though, as some may be harmful to your pet, so get professional veterinary advice about topical products. Next step you should take is to wash their bedding in very hot water. This will kill all the fleas that may be residing in it.

  1. Clean Your Own Bed Sheets and Duvets

The same cleaning approach should be taken with your own bedding as well. Wash your bed sheets, pillowcases, and duvet in very hot water with detergent. Fleas are unable to survive hot cycles in both the dryer and washer, so this will hopefully put an end to the live fleas on your bedding.

  1. Vacuum Your Mattress and Carpets

Of course, you can’t wash your mattress. But vacuum cleaning it thoroughly on all sides can be just as effective. To make this flea pest control even more effective, you can use household flea powders or sprays (easily available online) on your carpets, rugs and soft furnishings, and also inside the emptied vacuum cleaner when you’re done for good measure. Failing that, watch this video about London pest control, then call in an expert to help. At least that way, you will know your house is pest free.

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Has your dog brought fleas into your bed?

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