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Is Big Always Better? 3 Things To Consider With Large Breed Dogs

If you love big dogs or have seen just too many families playing in the parks or on the beaches with theirs and you are thinking you have to get some of that action… well, we’re here to help you out.

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Why Choose A Big Dog?


Big dogs are the perfect pet for most families, but not all families are in the position to properly care for such a large animal. Hopefully, we can help you avoid making the wrong decision when it comes time for you to select your newest best friend.

You may be thinking that a dog’s a dog, and any old dog would do, but personally, I think that would be a big mistake. There are just so many things to consider such as your lifestyle, size of your yard, your personality, number of family members, just to name a few. A bit of groundwork now will help you reach the right decisions.

Obedience training is crucial for large breed dogs as their behavior can quickly turn anti-social if left to their own devices. So make sure you have the time to dedicate to this, as the small investment in time spent early on will repay you many times over with a well behaved and socialized pet. Other things to consider are the amount of hair they shed, how are they with children, are your weather conditions suitable for an outside dog or is your house large enough to accommodate them, what health issues are inherent in the breed of dog that you would like, and do you have allergies that make living with some breeds of dog would just too unbearable.

4 Big Dogs That Make Great Pets


A lot of people find a big dog more appealing than a small dog. They can be so much fun to play with and give one lots of exercise. There are those, however,  people whoa small dog would suit better. There are so many breeds to choose from but here are four breeds of big dog that make a great pet:

#1: The Rottweiler

Despite what you may have heard about Rottweilers, they are actually really sweet good dogs. It’s just a matter of giving them the correct training with the end result being a totally gentle dog.

#2: The German Shepard

It is a fact that if you want an extremely loyal watchdog, a German Shepherd is what you should get. They are also wonderful with children and will be awesome pets. These extraordinary dogs will always do well with your children and be quite good protectors of your house. Keep in mind that they need a lot of daily exercise as well as playtime.

#3: The Vizsla

Another dog that is great with children is the Vizsla. This dog is very sweet and also athletic, along with the fact that they can live as long as 15 years despite their size. Give some consideration to this dog if you have children.

#4: The French Mastiff

Another dog, a French Mastiff, or Dog de Bordeaux, has such a cute face and eyes. These dogs are quite friendly and get along well with children. When compared with a bulldog, they are more gentle and cleaner. A good thing to point out is that there will be no shedding with this dog, just a little occasional drooling.

We have just touched on some of the numerous good breeds of big dogs that are out there. They are all great choices. However, if none of these are to your liking, do not give up. There are many other breeds, in the hundreds, which might be just the right choice for you.

Outdoor Kennels for Big Dogs

Size Matters

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So you want a big dog, then there’s no way around it, you’re going to need a big kennel as well. Big dogs need plenty of room to stretch out so make sure the kennel you select is going to have enough room. I know I’d rather have them stretching out in their kennel than stretching out on our sofa. So size does matter. The bigger the better as they will soon find a cozy little corner of it to curl up in, but if it’s too cramped then they really aren’t going to be very keen on climbing into it. Sometimes you see large dogs curled up next to their kennels rather than be in them when they just aren’t big enough. So think big.

Withstanding The Weather

The next thing to take into consideration is the extreme elements that the kennel is going to be subjected to. Harsh weather conditions are going to quickly deteriorate kennels made from low-quality materials. Some big dogs can withstand the elements much better than some of the cheaper kennels can so don’t scrimp on quality. Not only does it need to offer your pet the protection it needs, but it also needs to last the distance. There are lots of cheap plastic kennels available on the market but subject them to extreme sunlight or cold weather and they will soon perish and crack. And I’m not sure what it is, but dogs just love to chew plastic. Some metal kennels really don’t offer enough insulation against hot and cold weather so they also aren’t a very good choice, although for the roof it is fine to use materials such as colorbond steel. Often good quality wooden kennels are far superior to anything else. They can withstand the elements with maybe a coat of paint or oil every few years, and they offer a fairly good level of insulation.

Handy Tips

Having the floor off the ground is going to give a lot more protection against the cold, from the moisture in the ground, and will allow for cooling air to flow under it on hot summer nights. So if your kennel doesn’t have small legs on each corner, then place it onto something sturdy such as a couple of railway sleepers. Detachable roofs are another great idea as it makes it so much easier to reach in and clean out the kennel.  Kids just love to crawl into kennels through the door opening, but it’s not really something that is a good idea. Just make sure the detachable roof has a secure latch to fasten it to the kennel, as they can lift off in severe winds. There are kennels with wingnuts which made it a breeze to remove and put back on.

Size of Door Opening

And one of the last things to consider is the size of the door opening. Too large and it will allow the cold wind to blow in, and the warmth to escape. And obviously too small and the dog probably won’t bother trying to get in. It needs to be just large enough for big dogs to comfortably walk through. So it’s not only small pooches that you can pamper, give your best friend a kennel they deserve and they will happily retreat to it without any fuss. By not compromising on finding the best kennel to suit their size, your dogs can happily spend countless hours laying in the doorways of their kennels happily watching the world go by.

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Three important things to consider with large breed dogs

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