What Is National Dog, Puppy & Pet Day All About?

They say Man’s best friend is the Dog. No one is as loyal as our pet dog, usually considered as much a family member as anyone else. We take them away on holidays with us, snuggle with them when it’s cold and they are always there for company whenever we need them. Dogs don’t ask for much more than a cuddle, a stroke and a warm place to sleep. Yet no matter their feelings or mood they are always there when we call them with the same look of love in their eyes and that excited wagging tail. In honor of these beautiful creatures we celebrate ‘dog day’.

Why Celebrate National Dog, Puppy And Pet Day?

Celebrating National dog, puppy and pet day is about taking the time to appreciate the happiness and values that dogs bring into our lives. Dogs aren’t just pets but they also serve a purpose in the community and workplace. Police squad dogs that are trained to detect drugs and trail the scent of a missing person and rescue dogs are trained to rescue people from accident scenes like earthquake rubble and collapsed buildings. There are also dogs that are trained for the deaf and blind which give people with disabilities the chance to lead a normal life with the help of a trained assistant dog.

Assistant dogs are specially trained also to be around sick children and are often taken to the children’s hospital to put a smile on children’s faces who are really unwell. The dogs are so gentle and know how to treat the children and are happy to get some pats and cuddles, but are also trained to handle rough exploring hands of smaller toddlers. National dog day supports all different breeds and types of dogs and stands against the backyard breeder and puppy farms where dogs are treated horribly and live in unethical conditions. Instead, this day promotes adopting from rescue shelters where many dogs get put down weekly who are loyal, friendly and just want a family and home to belong to. National dog day is supported by many individuals including high-profile people such a George W Bush whose dog played a role in many films. Celebrate dog day and the happiness and support they bring to our lives, not only your pets but the dogs needing a home deserve to be thought of on this day as well. National Puppy Day is also a special day for dogs. Puppies bring so much playfulness, mess and kisses with them. Helping to celebrate puppies overall but importantly the orphaned puppies everywhere that get dumped and left to fend for themselves.

Puppy day also helps to bring awareness to puppy farms and how they are treated. The special news is that National Puppy Day is now recognized as an international holiday. This day is about improving the lives of dogs and puppies worldwide. More people need to be made aware of how they can make a difference in spreading the word about the inhumane practices of puppy farms.

How Can We Make A Difference?

On National puppy day, it’s a chance for people to strive for better awareness of those in need. We can help to join the fight against puppy farms to hopefully make a difference and even get some of the worst offenders closed down, which will stop the sale of many puppies leading them to overpopulation, which in turn leads to further abuse and more unwanted puppies being dumped. Each year on this day, those celebrating can talk to people about adopting from a shelter where dogs will be desexed, vaccinated and chipped before they are sold. Desexing is also a major topic that should be discussed, helping people to be aware of the importance of desexing to avoid unwanted puppies being abandoned.

Why Are These Days Celebrated On Different Days?

National dog day is the 26th of August each year. It was founded by Colleen Paige an animal advocate and a pet lifestyle expert, she is also the founder of Puppy day.

She is responsible for many other charitable events that seek attention for animals in need and the benefits of adoption. The date 26th of August is actually the date Colleen adopted her first dog named ‘Sheltie’, she was only 10 years of age. National puppy day is celebrated on the 23rd March as again by Colleen Paige is known for her dedication and determination to change the lives of puppies around the globe. National pet day is April 11. We care for our pets each and every day as much as we can but by celebrating National pet day it helps to bring some much-needed attention to pets who don’t have someone to care for them. National pet day was first celebrated in 2006 and serves the same purpose as National dog day and puppy day in celebrating being thankful for our pets, yet also for those who were abandoned and left at the shelter unwanted. Also, this is the day to make people aware of the benefits of adopting instead of buying from a pet shop.

18 Ways To Help Celebrate National Dog, Puppy And Pet Day?

It’s a day for the whole family to get involved in rejoicing animals of all types and sizes. Get the children involved and let them participate in helping do a good thing for these beautiful animals. It’s fun for the children to be involved with friendly happy animals who also love cuddles and special treats.

You can help in many ways. Here is a list of ideas that have been used before:

  1. Speak to a professional about taking on a pet for the family, get all the basics first 
  2. Adopt a pet from a shelter or foster care, most places welcome children to meet the dogs as well
  3. Donate some blankets, food, and toys for pets to your local shelter
  4. Introduce your dog to others by visiting a local dog park or kennel.
  5. Get your children into a routine of brushing your animal’s fur to eliminate fur build up and excess fur everywhere
  6. Take your dog to doggy school to learn the basic training
  7. Take your dog to the beach and enjoy some time together swimming or throwing balls
  8. Paint a picture of your pet or build a new kennel
  9. Join an online animal group and share pictures of your pets
  10. Give your dog a spa treatment
  11. Take your dog to visit someone in need or someone who may be lonely to brighten their day
  12. Dog-proof your home to keep them safe and keep them from wandering
  13. Book in to get your dog desexed
  14. Buy your dog some natural dog treats
  15. Go on a pooch-friendly family holiday
  16. Check your dog’s vaccines are up to date and have a regular check up
  17. ID your puppy so if he wanders and gets lost you can be contacted
  18. Teach your kids about dog safety when approaching strange dogs

Who Can I Contact To Help?

national dog dayIf you are on Facebook it’s a great place to check out what’s happening around these days and to connect with shelters and view pets needing homes. It’s also a great way to connect socially to share stories about adoption and to share funny pictures of your pets or the cute pictures of them snuggling up to the kids at night or action shots of your dog catching the tennis ball at the beach or oval. National dog day, puppy day and pet day all have a page you can view and browse through personal stories and ideas on how to celebrate these special days.
You can also connect with local shelters if you have any questions you would like to ask before committing to adopting or foster care as it can be a little overwhelming and if you’re a first-time pet owner it can be a little daunting learning about the special care for your particular pet.

You can also Contact your local council who can also advise on events that are happening around you on these particular days. If you have any concerns about your pets you can ring your local vet and have a chat to them. There are also vets available online or via the phone to chat about a concern you might have with your pooch or furry feline. Check out your local shelter and adoption centers as some offer a discount for adoption fees and desexing on these days. This is a great way to get people involved in adopting or even fostering an animal which means you take care of the animal until a suitable home is found for them.

Animals can benefit everyone; the elderly, the sick, and be best friends for children. They are loyal if given the right treatment. Train your dog correctly and treat them like one of the family members and they will give you unconditional love back. We celebrate special occasions so why not spare a day to spend pampering your pooch.

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What is national dog, puppy and pet day

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