Book Weight To Keep Pages Open & Protect Books

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  • HANDS-FREE READING – Stops the pages of your books turning annoyingly while you are busy with something else. Also works great for holding up magazines.
  • SPLASH PROOF – Whether you’re cooking, yoga-ing, eating, studying or relaxing down at the beach, your book can now be protected from spills, slobber and wandering cats
  • PERFECT SIZE AND WEIGHT – 12″ x 9″ dimensions match the most common 6″ x 9″ book size (once book is open), acting as both paperweight and page holder.
  • NON WARPING THICKNESS – 0.3″ is thin enough to minimize warping of the writing yet transparent and weighty enough to hold the pages of any size book down.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN – A striking acrylic design piece tailor-made to drive your family and friends green with envy! Ideal cooking gift, birthday or wedding present idea.



Minimal, Stylish & Useful!

I bought this as a gift for my sister. She’s a real book worm and absolutely loves this. It has come in handy for yoga books when you need to lay it on the floor and keep it open while doing your exercises- great for keeping cook books open on the kitchen counter and protects it from getting messy! (Easy to wipe off the cover) and since it’s clear, it can also make a nice table piece for guests if you want to keep a pretty page of a book open. It’s light weight enough it doesn’t damage anything or create a harsh crease that leaves the page you set it on permanently more open than the other pages. I am looking to get one for myself. This is definitely stylish and useful!…Read review on Amazon

Hands free book weight
Excellent product, I had doubts that I would be able to see clearly, not a problem in the least. I always read hardbacks and it even keeps the open at the beginning and the end which are the most difficult to stay open. I will be getting another for my friend who also reads a lot..…Read review on Amazon
Just what I was hoping for. Stylish, versatile, weighty, flatter and no warping
My new book weight arrived and it’s even better than expected. I loved the older version on Pinterest so I had to have this updated model and it hasn’t disappointed. It’s perfect for my needs. So versatile I use mine for cooking, bedtime reading and holiday sun loungers. I’m going to start giving these to all my reader friends; makes such an ideal gift! 5* all the way. Happy customer…Read review on Amazon
You won’t be disappointed I promise!!
It is exactly what I was looking for. If you need something like this, get it. It works on small books, largebooks, hard cover, paper back. It is awesome!! Love it!!…Read review on Amazon
This is the greatest invention ever for a book reader like me!!! I love it so much, I wish I would’ve found it sooner!!.…Read review on Amazon


We have responded to our book weight fans suggestions by making our latest model bigger, heavier and flatter. Whether you’re cooking, relaxing on a sun lounger, brushing your teeth, doing yoga or seeking to protect your books from wandering cats or slobbering dogs, this simple, elegant book weight will solve all your problems! Made of our customized tough, acrylic formula, it won’t scratch or break easily and makes a perfect gift for book lovers everywhere.



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