Large 4-in-1 Dog Crate Cover / Dog Towel / Furniture & Car Seat Protector

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LARGE 42″ x 30″ x 28″ SIZE – The standard for medium-large breeds. This crate size gives your dog plenty of room to move around in while our premium quality cover ensures he/she feels safe and cozy in his den at night or reassured when traveling by car or plane.

TIES TO SECURE TO CRATE – Unlike our competitors, when this cover is thrown over the crate, hoop ties attached at the bottom are used to secure the cover to the crate so it can’t slip or get pulled off. They can also be used as car seat ties.

ULTRA-STRONG & DURABLE – The crate cover is thick enough to ensure durability and strength yet thin enough to fold into a compact package which can easily fit inside your machine for a quick wash or any bag for trips out to the park or beach.

COMPACT & QUICK DRYING – Easily folded into a bag to be used in multiple ways as well as easily fitting into your washing machine. Tough microfiber means frequent washing with no shrinkage or damage is possible as well as quick drying.

ANTI-BACTERIAL & DIRT-REPELLENT – Ideal to double up as a wet dog towel for after walks or as a general furniture and car seat protector. There is a rough side more suited to toweling and a smoother side more suited to going face up on furniture.



TufToys has created a large multi-purpose Microfiber Dog Crate Cover, which also serves as a Wet Dog Towel and Furniture / Car Seat Protector. The dimensions of the cover are a hefty 42″ x 30″ x 28″ designed for Medium to Large Dog Breeds, but smaller dogs will appreciate the extra size too!

SUPER STRONG, SOFT, COSY and DURABLE, it is also ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT   and COMPACT enough to fit into any bag or washing machine when not in use. This means it alternative uses as a travel, picnic and beach blanket. Thanks to the special fiber structure, the cover does not fuzz, is highly ABSORBENT, EASILY WASHED and DRIES QUICKLY.

HIGH-QUALITY with a SKIN-FRIENDLY material finish, the microfibre cover/towel feels SUPER SOFT and COMFORTABLE for you and your dog as well as being ANTIBACTERIAL and DIRT-REPELLENT.

Microfibre is growing quickly in popularity due to the nature of the premium microfibre fabric structure (80% polyester/20% polyamide).

A quick summary of the top 10 reasons to go with our microfiber dog crate cover.

  1. Ultra-Strong
  2. Very Durable
  3. Super-Soft
  4. Very Lightweight
  5. Ultra-Compact
  6. Highly Absorbent
  7. Fast-Drying
  8. Anti-Bacterial
  9. Dirt-Repellent
  10. Machine-Washable


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