Did Someone Say Doggy Treat? Only The Best Bowls Will Do

Which bowls are best suited to your small dog? With all the different varieties on the market, we have a look at the many options and, more importantly, which treats to put in them!

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Dog Bowls

Small dog bowls are just like small breeds as they also come in all shapes and sizes. Some are built for function while others are stylish or cute. Finding the right one for your home that your dog appreciates will just take meshing his needs with your own.

A small dog bowl needs to be of a size for your pet to access easily, but still offer him enough food and water to keep him healthy, especially while you are away at work or running errands. You don’t want to make the mistake of leaving a very small toy breed like a toy poodle or teacup Yorkie at home all day with a hand me down water bowl from a much larger breed as this is the recipe for disaster. You may very well return home to find your petite one drenched to the bone from some mishap. Small dog bowls need to match your breed.

All Shapes and Sizes

dog bowl

That doesn’t mean the right bowl can’t be decorative and match your kitchen or home decor. Most pet stores in large cities have long aisles filled with choices of all colors shapes and sizes. Some pet stores are set up to have your pets name inscribed on the bowls for you. Online you can also find some inexpensive choices from trusted dealers.

Avoid buying anything that was not specifically designed to be used as small dog bowls. Some ceramic bowls as you might find in furniture or decorating stores are very attractive, but they might be made with materials or sprayed with chemicals, which cause them to be very dangerous for animals or humans to eat or drink from so only use these as decoration.

Be careful about selecting plastic bowls if your pet tends to chew on anything he can get his mouth around, or he might make the bowl an unintended side dish. When you have a very small dog avoid the deeper dishes he might have trouble with and look for longer shallower trays. A small pet with hyper or playful tendencies needs bowls made of heavier materials so it will not be easy for him to knock the bowls over if the food area gets in the way of his game.

Electronic and Mechanical Dispensers

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For those times, you are afraid you won’t be back in time to feed your pet or give him water, there are electronic or mechanical dispensers that drop food or pour water into built-in bowls. This is a good remedy for the dog that tends to overeat or drinks all the water in the bowl the second it is placed on the floor. With this type of dispenser, you can control the amount of food and water he is receiving even when you aren’t around to supervise. Since the bowls are built-in this can also help with the dog that likes to play in the water bowl and keeps knocking it over.

This is another time when you might want to take your pet with you to shop so that you can better judge his size versus the small dog bowls you are considering for him.

Dog Treats

Having a good supply of various types of dog treats is very important to the health of your dog. Just like you, he needs a variety of foods he can enjoy quickly and on the go that are still good for him. Just like you, having the occasional bite to eat keeps him from getting too hungry and wolfing down whatever food he can find. He’ll need some to make his teeth shine, to keep him from being bored and you need some when you most want his attention. Finding the right small dog training treats means making quick work of even the most difficult coaching he needs.


Dog eating

When looking for small dog training treats, the criteria is easy to remember. What you need are small, medium soft treats that have a flavor your dog truly loves. Some treats now come in re-sealable bags, but if you are starting out a long regime of training you might want to have a pouch or bag to hold the treats in from which you can easily obtain them quickly for praise and reward during a fast-paced class. For the same reason, you want small, perfectly bite-sized treats for your small dog. Even though you can break soft treats apart easily you don’t want to waste time your dog could be learning while you whittle down a piece for him. Soft chews are a must for the treats since you want your dog to be able to eat the treat quickly and leave as little mess behind as possible. A hard treat will leave crumbs on the ground, take longer for him crunch up, and the little fellow will get thirsty faster than with soft treat.


dog treat colors

The downside of softer small dog training treats is that you can open the bag and find yourself confronted by one giant treat instead of many smaller ones. You’ll have this problem if the treats are too soft. The consistency your dog will need is medium or hard enough not to bond together or be sticky, but soft enough to easily break apart and for your dog to chew easily. Some brands will tell you the consistency while others only tell you ‘crunchy’, ‘dry’ or ‘soft’. It might be a case of trial and error, or you might try asking other owners in your dog’s training class what brands work well for them.


dog treatAnother point that might come down to trial and error is what kind your pet will be the most interested in eating. After all, this tidbit is supposed to be his reward for a job well done, so it is important he honestly enjoys this treat and his interest in it won’t wane after just a few bites. Look for flavors he really seems to especially relish the most. Try to find treats that are more flavorful than his usual meal if possible since this will make him all the more interest in training time.

You might find yourself having to try a few different brands to get the type that works for both you and your dog. Just bear in mind that the right fit will make your furry friend as interested in his training as you are.

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Which dog bowls are best suited to your small dog?

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