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Top 10 Small, Medium & Large Dog Breeds; Facts, Information & Names

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Top 10 Small Dogs; Facts, Information & Names

    #10: Yorkshire Terrier Facts, Information & Name

Yorkshire Terrier dog breed info

  1. The Yorkshire Terrier is highly active, intelligent and playful and does well in agility sports.
  2. The Father of all Yorkies is believed to be “Huddersfield Ben” a champion show dog born in 1865.
  3. Yorkies are a bit fragile and are not a great choice for families with small kids.
  4. Yorkies bark a lot and are excellent watchdogs but they do require constant training and exercise to control the habit.
  5. By American Kennel Club (AKC) standards a Yorkshire Terrier should weigh 4 – 7 pounds and have a shoulder height of 6 – 9 inches.
  6. Yorkies are sometimes referred to as a “purse dog” because they love to go everywhere with their owners.
  7. Yorkies make excellent lap dogs and therapy dogs.
  8. Yorkies are known to be very brave.
  9. Known for being very social, Yorkies also tend to suffer from separation anxiety when left for long periods alone.

5 Popular Names for a Yorkshire Terrier

Button Cecil Oscar Peanut Sophie

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    #9: Dachshund Facts, Information & Names

Dachshund Facts Information

  1. The name Dachshund, is derived from the German words “Dachs” and “hund” which literally mean “badgerdog” in German.
  2. Believe it or not, the Dachshund was originally bred to exterminate vermin!
  3. Dachshunds come in 15 colors and exhibit 6 marking combinations.
  4. They come in 3 sizes – miniature, intermediate and standard – ranging between 11 and 32 pounds.
  5. Queen Victoria is credited for making the breed popular in England.
  6. The Dachshund was the very first Olympic mascot in the games’ history, in Munich – 1972.
  7. The hot dog was named after the Dachshund since they were big favorites with German butchers.
  8. Dachshunds may be little, but they LOVE to eat and are prone to obesity which shortens their lives.
  9. They are fond of jumping out of people’s arms and usually hurt their backs while doing so.
  10. The Dachschund is Britain’s first cloned dog.

5 Popular Names for a Dachshund

Betty Carl Digger Lucy Velvet

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    #8: Pug Facts, Information & Names

Pug Facts, Information

  1. Pugs originated in the Far East and were regarded as priceless by Chinese emperors.
  2. They are often mistaken for being dumb, but are actually smart enough to get their own way with people.
  3. The breed got its name from Pug monkeys because of the close facial resemblance.
  4. Pugs are famous for snorting and are tagged “a grumble of pugs” when in a group.
  5. Pugs are generally very quiet dogs, leading many to believe that they don’t bark.
  6. This breed is known to shed hair 357 days a year which isn’t ideal for people with allergies.
  7. The Pug’s short nose makes it highly prone to suffer from heatstroke.
  8. A Pug’s tail is considered perfect if it has two curls.
  9. There’s a pug named Chester with an MBA from Rochville University.
  10. The secret fraternal group – Order of the Pug – is named after the breed.

5 Popular Names for a Pug

Gordo Mugsy Missy Pleats Rascal

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    #7: Havanese Facts, Information & Names

Havanese facts and information

  1. The fact that Havanese have hair rather than fur makes them unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
  2. Havanese have a very bouncy gait, a trait which is unique to their breed.
  3. Havanese are nicknamed “Velcro dog” because of their tendency to stick very close to their owners.
  4. By 1970 there were only 11 Havanese dogs in the US, but this number was increased thanks to careful breeding by Cuban exiles.
  5. Havanese have earned fame as circus dogs doing shows all over Europe.
  6. Havanese dogs are intelligent and always eager to please, which makes them easy to train.
  7. The Havanese is Cuba’s National Dog and the only breed that’s indigenous to the country.
  8. Havanese’s almond shaped eyes are considered to be the most human-like eyes among all dog breeds.
  9. The most famous owners of Havanese in this Century are Venus Williams, Barbara Walters, and Daniel Tosh.
  10. Contrary to its heavy outward look, this dog’s coat is actually very soft and light.

5 Popular Names for a Havanese

Bunny Midget Pip Squirt Venus

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    #6: Pekingese Facts, Information & Names

Pekingese Facts, Information & Names

  1. The Pekingese has been confirmed by DNA evidence as one of the oldest dog breeds.
  2. The breed is named after China’s capital city of Peking.
  3. The Pekingese is nicknamed the Lion Dog for its uncanny resemblance to Chinese guardian lions.
  4. Pekingese dogs were exclusively owned by Chinese aristocrats; commoners risked punishment by death for possessing one.
  5. The Pekingese breed has 10 color combinations with three different types of markings.
  6. This dog breed has an unmistakable “v” shaped nose wrinkle between the eyes and the muzzle.
  7. Pekingese dogs carry themselves with an air of aristocracy and need early socializing to accept many people.
  8. Pekingese dogs require little food for their upkeep and don’t need long walks for their exercise.
  9. They have short muzzles which make them snore.
  10. A male Pekingese by the name of Pugg has a 4.5 inch tongue making him the dog with the current world’s longest tongue

5 Popular Names for a Pekingese

Chloe Harry Peanut Roxy Shorty

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    #5: Bichon Frisé Facts, Information & Names

Bichon Frisé Facts, Information & Names

  1. The curious name “Bichon Frisé” is derived from “Frisé” – French for “curly, and “bichon” – a type of lap dog.
  2. Centuries ago Bichon Frisé dogs were used by sailors in barter trade since they were so popular.
  3. Their eyes do not open up fully until they’re 12 days old after birth.
  4. Bichon frisé dogs are a favorite with artists especially Francisco de Goya’s who featured them in several of his paintings.
  5. Long ago pampering bichon frisés was so fashionable in France that they coined a word for it – “bichonner” – meaning to make beautiful.
  6. Bichon frisés’ clownish and friendly personality makes them suitable for showbiz and circus acts.
  7. A Bichon Frisé ages fifteen ‘human’ years in the first year, nine ‘human’ years in the second year, and four ‘human’ years for every year thereafter.
  8. Just like a human’s hair, a Bichon Frisé’s hair never stops growing.
  9. Bichon frisé don’t shed fur which makes them hypoallergenic
  10. Bichon frisés hate water so you may not want to use our floating toys for dock diving. More info on choosing the right one here

5 Popular Names for a Bichon Frisé

Baby Midget Nipper Peanut Sophie

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    #4: Maltese Facts, Information & Names

Maltese Facts, Information & Names

  1. Maltese has been around for over than 28 centuries making it the oldest of the toy breeds.
  2. Maltese are thought to originate from Malta and were bred down from a spitz-like dog used to hunt rodents.
  3. Years ago, Maltese dogs were found in many colors, but are always white these days.
  4. Owners of Maltese dogs in Egypt and Greece loved them so much that they buried them in elaborate tombs.
  5. Maltese were specially bred by Roman emperors to give them their white color considered sacred at the time.
  6. A Maltese dog’s nose can change color depending on whether he is in the shade or sunshine.
  7. They’re great therapy dogs.
  8. They can jump great distances and don’t seem to fear gravity.
  9. They suffer from separation anxiety when left alone and usually express their unhappiness through destructive chewing and barking.
  10. The richest Maltese dog was Trouble with an inheritance worth $2 Million.

5 Popular Names for a Maltese

Angel Bunny Laptop Snowball Pipsqueak

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    #3: Shih Tzu Facts, Information & Names

Shih Tzu Facts, Information & Names

  1. “Shih Tzu” in Chinese means “lion dog”
  2. Shih Tzu were bred to be companion dogs and nothing more. They can’t guard, can’t hunt and can’t flush out vermin.
  3. DNA research shows that Shih Tzu are one of the world’s 14 oldest breeds.
  4. In ancient times Shih Tzu dogs served as lap warmers, foot warms, and bed companions.
  5. The Shih Tzu has a thick double coat comprising a tough outer coat and soft inner coat.
  6. The breed was nearly wiped out of China following the Communist Revolution in 1949.
  7. All surviving Shih Tzus today are descendants of 14 dogs that were brought to England in the ’30s.
  8. Shih Tzus are also nicknamed chrysanthemum dogs for the long hair on their faces, said to resemble the flower’s
  9. This dog breed doesn’t thrive in hot climates and is susceptible to heat stroke.
  10. Shih Tzus shouldn’t be left outside alone; they need a human’s love daily to survive.

5 Popular Names for a Shih Tzu

Buddy Delilah Gizmo Max Sapphire

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    #2: Chihuahua Facts, Information & Names

Chihuahua Facts, Information & Names

  1. Chihuahuas are descendants of the Techichi, a companion dog kept by the Toltec civilization in Mexico.
  2. The Chihuahua is the tiniest breed of dog in the world.
  3. Chihuahuas love to burrow, a trait associated with their ancestors who lived in the desert.
  4. In comparison to its body size, the Chihuahua has the biggest brain among all dog breeds.
  5. The Chihuahua has one of the widest color combinations of any dog breed.
  6. The life expectancy of the Chihuahua is one of the highest among dog breeds.
  7. Myth has it that Chihuahuas can actually die from a broken heart if separated from their owners. Recent cases suggest they are far from the only ones.
  8. Chihuahuas prefer sleeping under a cloth or blanket to feel snug.
  9. Chihuahuas are intelligent and fast learners capable of competing with larger dog breeds in agility and obedience trials.
  10. In their 105 years of competitions, Chihuahuas have never won the Best in Show award at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

5 Popular Names for a Chihuahua

Coco Daisy Jet Hercules Tiny

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    #1: Pomeranian Facts, Information & Names

Pomeranian Facts, Information & Names

  1. Pomeranians get their name from Pomerania, located near the Baltic shore, where they originated.
  2. Despite their small size, Poms have no qualms challenging bigger dogs.
  3. A couple of Poms are referred to as a “puff,” while a group of three or more is known as a “tuft”.
  4. Pomeranians weren’t always small; they were bred down to become companion dogs in the 19th century.
  5. Pomeranians are closely related to wolves by virtue of belonging to the spitz breed.
  6. Out of the three dogs that survived the Titanic disaster, two were Pomeranians.
  7. Frédéric Chopin’s “Waltz of the Little Dogs” was inspired his friend’s pet Pomeranian chasing his own tail.
  8. The Guinness World Record for “Fastest Dog on Two Paws” was set by a Pomeranian named Jiff in 2014.
  9. Pomeranians are trained as hearing assistance dogs and make great therapy dogs too.
  10. Martin Luther, the Protestant leader, had a Pomeranian, Belferlein, whom he often wrote about.

5 Popular Names for a Pomeranian

Bella Caddles Oscar Pompom Sammy

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Top 10 Medium Dogs; Facts, Information & Names

    #10 Cocker Spaniel Facts, Information & Names

Cocker Spaniel Facts, Information & Names

  1. The Cocker Spaniel originated in Spain in the 1400s and was bred for hunting.
  2. The American Kennel Club classifies the English and American cocker spaniels as two separate breeds.
  3. The breed was named Cocker because it was a great woodcock hunter.
  4. English Cocker Spaniels are great housedogs, but will cause disturbances if kept outside.
  5. They make terrible guard dogs because they fawn over people.
  6. They’re credited with inspiring fashion (Sperry boat shoes) and pop culture.
  7. English Cocker Spaniels are wonderful therapy dogs because of their loving nature; they’re credited with lowering blood pressure in human beings.
  8. The American Cocker Spaniel is generally classified in three color varieties: black, ASCOB (Any Solid Color Other Than Black), and particolored.
  9. The American Cocker Spaniel is known as the “merry” Cocker because of its cheerfulness.
  10. “Cocker rage” – a dominance aggressive behavior – is normally associated with dogs of one color than multi-colored dogs.  Such”Rage syndrome” can affect many breeds.

5 Popular Names for a Cocker Spaniel

Bingo Felix Nugget Oprah Schneider

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    #9 English Springer Spaniel Facts, Information & Names

English Springer Spaniel Facts, Information & Names

  1. English Springer Spaniels were bred to serve as hunting dogs – to “spring” their prey, hence the name.
  2. Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels came from the same breed.
  3. The English Springer Spaniel possesses one of the best senses of smell among all dog breeds.
  4. English Springer Spaniels shed fur all year-round, more so in spring and fall.
  5. They make exceptional show dogs and have won the Best in Show awards at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 6 times.
  6. English Springer Spaniels come in nine coat color combinations and three distinct markings.
  7. English Springer Spaniels comprise two distinct varieties: Working Springer Spaniels and Show Springer Spaniels.
  8. Show-bred Springers have harder bones and a thicker coat compared to the field-bred Springers
  9. Scottish folklore hero William Wallace is thought to have owned an English Springer Spaniel called Merlene.
  10. An English Springer Spaniel named Buster has served as a bomb sniffer in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

5 Popular Names for a English Springer Spaniel

Annie Buster Daisy Empress Maximus

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    #8 Brittany Facts, Information & Names

Brittany Facts, Information & Names

  1. Brittanys were originally bred as gun dogs.
  2. They are versatile and have won more dual championships than any other breed.
  3. Brittanys are extremely energetic and need plenty of exercise (at least 1 hour a day).
  4. Brittanys are sensitive to harsh treatment; just a stare or a sharp reprimand is enough to put them in their place.
  5. Brittanys are happy and friendly by nature making them a good fit with children and other pets.
  6. However, they do require supervised playtime with small kids as they can accidentally knock them over.
  7. Brittanys are great retrievers both on land and in the water.
  8. Health problems like canine hip dysplasia (CHD) can be an issue with this breed.
  9. Brittanys are thought to be a crossbreed between smaller land spaniels and the English Setter.
  10. The breed was originally called “Brittany Spaniel,” but was later simplified to “Brittany” in 1982.

5 Popular Names for a Brittany

Duke Gunner Jack Rusty Sabre

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    #7 Shetland Sheepdog Facts, Information & Names

Shetland Sheepdog Facts, Information & Names

  1. The Shetland Sheepdog’s ancestry can be traced back to the herding dogs of Scotland; it shares a lineage with Collies.
  2. The Sheltie resembles the rough-coated collie but in miniature.
  3. It has a small body that is long in proportion to its height.
  4. The Sheltie is ranked sixth in intelligence among all dog breeds by the American Kennel Club.
  5. The Sheltie shows good speed, agility, and endurance, traits that are important in a herding dog.
  6. It has a double coat comprising a dense, soft, short undercoat and harsh outer coat that repels rain and moisture.
  7. The Sheltie has two main colorations: sable colored or blue merle
  8. The AKC recognizes only those dogs that reach 13 to 16 inches shoulder height.
  9. The Sheltie makes an excellent watch dog although it tends to bark a lot.
  10. Shelties are gentle and playful and can quickly adapt to sharing a home with a cat.

5 Popular Names for a Shetland Sheepdog

Chaos Princess Rufus Shep Zipper

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    #6 Pembroke Welsh Corgi Facts, Information & Names

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Facts, Information & Names

  1. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is a distinct breed from the Cardigan Welsh corgi.
  2. The Pembroke’s ancestry is traced as far back as the 10th century; the breed is associated with Vikings.
  3. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is a mix of a Spitz-type dog and Cardigan corgis.
  4. These short dogs were originally used as herders and kept cattle together by nipping at their legs.
  5. Corgi Means Dwarf Dog in Welsh dialect.
  6. The corgi is believed to be an “enchanted dog” ridden by fairies and elves.
  7. The Pembroke behaves well with children, but has a tendency to nip at their heels while playing.
  8. Pembrokes are great competitors and do well in dog sports such as agility, obedience, herding and conformation among others.
  9. The Pembroke is susceptible to serious health problems such as intervertebral disc disease and canine hip dysplasia (CHD).
  10. Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 corgis in her lifetime.

5 Popular Names for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Fletch Cricket Merlin Rugby Taffy

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    #5 Australian Shepherd Facts, Information & Names

Australian Shepherd Facts, Information & Names

  1. The Australian Shepherd is not a native of Australia; it is thought to have originated from the Pyrenees Mountains.
  2. Australian Shepherds come in different colors, but only four are accepted by AKC: blue merle, red merle, red, and black.
  3. Aussies are bred to work; lack of mental stimulation and exercise turns them into destructive creatures.
  4. The Australian Shepherd is an agile breed which excels in pet sports such as Frisbee, agility, and fly ball.
  5. Aussies have blue eyes, but it is not unusual to see one with two different eye colors.
  6. The Australian Shepherd’s coat is a double weather-proof coat of medium texture that sheds moderately.
  7. Australian Shepherds have been used as trick dogs in rodeos.
  8. Many Australian shepherds love water and swimming.
  9. Only one in five Aussies is born with a bobbed tail, since the tail has somehow been bred out of existence.
  10. Apart from herding, Aussies also suited for search and rescue work, and serving as therapy dogs.

5 Popular Names for a Australian Shepherd

Brandy Buster Charlie Coco Jinxy

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    #4 Doberman Pinscher Facts, Information & Names

Doberman Pinscher Facts, Information & Names

  1. The Doberman Pinscher was developed in the late 1800s by a German named Louis Dobermann.
  2. It is one of the few dog breeds named after a person.
  3. The Doberman is popular for its courage, intelligence, and loyalty.
  4. The Doberman breed is thought to be a mix of the Rottweiler, German Pinscher, Black and Tan Terrier.
  5. Dobermans are characterized by a combination of 4 colors: black, red, blue, and fawn, and rust markings above each eye.
  6. The name “Pinscher,” meaning terrier in German, was dropped by the Germans because they no longer considered it appropriate.
  7. Dobermans shed hair moderately.
  8. Dobermans Make Great Soldiers; a Doberman named Kurt is credited with saving 250 U.S. Marines during WWII when he alerted the troops to Japanese soldiers.
  9. Contrary to the popular belief that it’s a very aggressive dog, the Doberman can actually be friendly if exercised regularly and socialized early enough.
  10. Albino versions of the Dobermann breed exist, but their white color is not allowed under the American Kennel Club standard.

5 Popular Names for a Doberman Pinscher

Boone Dimples Rudy Sheba Tex

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    #3 Siberian Husky Facts, Information & Names

Siberian Husky Facts, Information & Names

  1. The Siberian Husky is originally from northeastern Siberia and was bred by Eskimos to pull heavy loads.
  2. This breed gained popularity during the Alaskan gold rush because it could run for miles at a stretch while pulling loads.
  3. The Husky makes a wonderful companion for those who love the outdoors or an active dog.
  4. Huskies come in all sorts of coat colors, from black to pure white, with or without markings on the head.
  5. Though intelligent, the Husky presents challenges in training as he is less eager to please compared to other dog breeds.
  6. Huskies characteristically curve their tails over their backs and have hair between their toes.
  7. Siberian Huskies are notorious escape artists and may require a high fence to rein them in.
  8. Huskies have heavy coats and prefer cool weather so you may need to provide air conditioning during warm weather.
  9. Huskies are generally clean dogs that don’t carry much of a “doggy odor”.
  10. Huskies were celebrated as heroes when they managed to deliver medicine to treat a diphtheria outbreak in Alaska in 1925.

5 Popular Names for a Siberian Husky

Boris Empress Ivan Lolita Shadow

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    #2 Boxer Facts, Information & Names

Boxer Facts, Information & Names

  1. Boxers were bred from the Bullenbeisser, an extinct dog breed that was used to hunt wild boar and stag.
  2. “Boxer” may have been derived from the German word, Boxl, the name by which the dog was referred to in slaughterhouses.
  3. When playing, they tend to stand on their hind legs and kick out their front paws like boxers.
  4. Their short snout makes their head shape unusual, but helps them bite onto their prey.
  5. Boxers were used by German soldiers to carry messages and supplies during WWI.
  6. The record for “Longest Tongue on a Dog,” was held by a boxer named Brandy at 17 inches long. That record is currently held by a boxer with a piffling 4.5 inch tongue. Either way, I’m sure you wouldn’t complain if your husband’s tongue was either of those lengths.
  7. Boxers exhibit a lot of energy and may require over 2 hours of exercise daily.
  8. Boxers are highly responsive to the needs of those they serve, making them suitable to work as guide dogs.
  9. A Boxer’s coat requires just the occasional brush up to get rid of dead hair.
  10. The Boxer is currently the tenth most popular breed in the U.S in AKC rankings.

5 Popular Names for a Boxer

Angus Caesar Duchess Gideon Rockie

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    #1 Bulldog Facts, Information & Names

Bulldog Facts, Information & Names

  1. Bulldogs originated from England and are believed to be a mix of mastiffs and pugs.
  2. They were originally bred for bull baiting – their low center of gravity and underbite made them suited to the vicious sport.
  3. Bulldogs are prone to health complications like hip dysplasia and respiratory issues.
  4. More than 80% of bulldogs are delivered by Caesarean section owing to the large size of their heads.
  5. The wrinkles on their faces need to be wiped constantly in order to avoid infections.
  6. Bulldogs come in 10 different color combinations and four distinct markings.
  7. This breed is not well-suited for water (because of its large skull) and can drown when swimming.
  8. They play mascot to a number of legendary institutions like Yale University and the U.S. Marine Corps.
  9. Bulldogs’ short snouts make them prone to gassiness and snorting. They also drool a lot.
  10. They are classified as companions and are great for families with kids.

5 Popular Names for a Bulldog

Anita Apollo Brooklyn Princess Ralph

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Top 10 Large Dogs; Facts, Information & Names

    #10 English Mastiff Facts, Information & Names

English Mastiff Facts, Information & Names

  1. Mastiffs take their name from the Latin word mansuetus, meaning “tame” or “domesticated.”
  2. The Mastiff’s ancestor, the Molossus, known 5,000 years ago, was a ferocious war dog.
  3. The Mastiff outweighs all other massive dogs and can weigh up to 220 pounds.
  4. The largest Mastiff on record was a monstrous 323 pound behemoth named Zorba.
  5. A far cry from their war dog ancestry, Mastiffs are known for their kind and good natured docility.
  6. Mastiffs are renowned droolers and can wreak havoc when shaking their massive heads.
  7. Mastiff dogs can be lazy and need daily exercise or they will become bored and destructive.
  8. Mastiffs can make excellent watchdogs, though they don’t bark as much as some other breeds.
  9. Mastiffs snore, break wind, snort and grunt loudly which just makes them all the more lovable.
  10. Mastiffs should sleep in the house and many like to snuggle up to their owner in bed.

5 Popular Names for a English Mastiff

Apollo Candy Goliath Precious Schneider

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    #9 Bernese Mountain Dog Facts, Information & Names

Bernese Mountain Dog Facts, Information & Names

  1. Bernese dogs are thought to have migrated with the Romans into Switzerland 2000 years ago.
  2. Bernese Mountain Dogs are identified by their tri-color coat and white “Swiss cross” on their chest.
  3. The Bernese are working dogs specially developed to endure mountain terrain, hence their powerful build.
  4. They’re exceptionally strong and capable of hauling up to 1000 lbs—10 times their own weight.
  5. Out of the four types of Swiss Mountain Dogs, the Bernese Dog is the only one with long hair.
  6. The breed was almost wiped out in the 1800s due to the popularity of the St. Bernard, a competitor dog breed.
  7. The breed comes from a small gene pool and is susceptible to health problems related to inbreeding.
  8. He’s easy to train, provided you allow him time to analyze the job at hand.
  9. He copes well with children of different ages as well as adults, but doesn’t do well in confined spaces such as apartments.
  10. Bernese dogs are goofy and respond well to laughter.

5 Popular Names for a Bernese Mountain Dog

Cupid Flora Jaws Roman Vesta

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    #8 Collie Facts, Information & Names

Collie Facts, Information & Names

  1. They came from Scotland around three hundred and fifty years ago and were mostly used for herding.
  2. Apart from herding, they are also occasionally used for tracking and as search and rescue dogs
  3. The Collie has two distinguishable looks: short coat and the full coat, known as the rough variety.
  4. Collies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and have an amazing ability to foresee their owner’s needs
  5. Collies make good watchdogs; they will bark but aren’t aggressive.
  6. As long as they get plenty of exercise daily, they cope well with different kinds of home environments.
  7. The Collie does well at canine events like obedience, agility and lure coursing.
  8. Due to their strong herding instincts, it’s not uncommon to see collies gathering children, pets or chasing cars.
  9. Collies are susceptible to skin, eye and deafness health problems and require regular checkups.
  10. Collies are usually quiet but can bark incessantly if left alone for too long.

5 Popular Names for a Collie

Bobby Jagger Lucy Molly Scout

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    #7 Great Dane Facts, Information & Names

Great Dane Facts, Information & Names


  1. Unlike the name suggests Great Danes have ties to Germany, not Denmark.
  2. Great Danes were originally used to hunt wild boars.
  3. The Great Dane was officially recognized by the AKC in 1887 and has 9 colors and 3 markings that are officially approved.
  4. The Great Dane Zeus (picture here) was the Guinness book of World Records’ tallest dog with a height of 44 inches.
  5. Despite his large size, the Great Dane is graceful, well built and majestic.
  6. Long ago Great Danes were believed to keep away ghosts and evil spirits.
  7. A Great Dane’s lifespan is one of the shortest among dog breeds at just 6-8 years.
  8. Contrary to their formidable size, Great Danes are actually loving, loyal and affectionate.
  9. Great Danes are not the tallest breed; Irish Wolfhounds are known to grow slightly taller.
  10. Great Danes grow pretty fast and can weigh as much as 100 pounds in a span of 6 months after birth.

5 Popular Names for a Great Dane

Bart Darwin Hooch Olympus Rufus

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    #6 German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) Facts, Information & Names

German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) Facts, Information & Names

  1. The GSP is highly active and can be a challenge for a first-time owner who isn’t ready to be a pack leader.
  2. Their ancestry can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, although the GSP was first bred in Germany.
  3. They’re called Pointers because they use their bodies to point when they find game.
  4. It takes almost 3 years before a GSP reaches full maturity.
  5. The GSP is the ideal hunting dog, capable of retrieving game unharmed.
  6. They rank among the fastest of all dog breeds with a speed of up to 45 mph.
  7. GSPs whelp in large litter sizes of up to 12 or more puppies.
  8. Some GSPs have been trained to sniff out explosives.
  9. They do especially well in agility events due to their speed, grace and desire to learn.
  10. Although they can be used as guard dogs, they’re actually not made for this purpose.

5 Popular Names for a German Shorthaired Pointer

Adolf Bella Inga Porsche Shroeder

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    #5 Rottweiler Facts, Information & Names

Rottweiler Facts, Information & Names

  1. The Rottweiler is said to have come from the ancient Roman drover dogs
  2. They make commanding and loyal companions with strong protective instincts.
  3. They easily knock over children and elderly people because of their herding instincts.
  4. American Rotties differ from their German cousins who tend to be slightly bigger and have long tails.
  5. They are aloof and take time to form friendships so they require socialization from an early stage.
  6. Rottweilers have a powerful bite – about half the strength of a shark’s, which makes even the world’s strongest dog toys no match for them.
  7. Their willingness to work makes Rottweilers ideal for police work or therapy.
  8. They almost went extinct around the mid-1800s when demand for herding dogs diminished.
  9. Despite their large size they still think they’re lap dogs
  10. They have huge appetites and can easily put away 5 to 10 pounds of high-quality kibble a week.

5 Popular Names for a Rottweiler

Angus Dr. Tubbs Flora Hulk Roger

All Cool Dog Names Table

    #4 Standard Poodle Facts, Information & Names

Standard Poodle Facts, Information & Names

  1. They’re superiorly intelligent, so training them is fairly easy.
  2. They shed very little of their fur and so are good for people who suffer from dog allergies.
  3. The Poodle is the French people’s national dog.
  4. Poodles have excellent hunting and water-retrieving skills besides being supermodel dogs.
  5. The Poodle is practically odorless.
  6. Poodles can reach a height of 11 to 22 inches and 6 to 60 pounds in weight.
  7. Standard Poodles live a relatively long life reaching around 14 years.
  8. Poodles are proficient swimmers and good at water retrieving.
  9. Their great intelligence has seen them serve as circus dogs with traveling troupes.
  10. Poodles loudly announce guests’ arrival, but aren’t aggressive toward them. You could try training them with tips here

5 Popular Names for a Standard Poodle

Aspen Chelsea Duchess Jack Murphy

All Funny Dog Names Table

    #3 Golden Retriever Facts, Information & Names

Golden Retriever Facts, Information & Names

  1. Golden Retrievers originated in Scotland and were bred for hunting Wildfowl.
  2. They get their name from their uniquely gold-colored silky tresses.
  3. Goldies have the best sense of smell among all dog breeds.
  4. They rank fourth among all dog breeds in smartness behind Collies, Poodles and German shepherds.
  5. They’re great swimmers and love to splash in the water and chase our floating toys
  6. Golden retrievers were officially recognised by AKC in 1925.
  7. Goldies have great maternal instincts – a Goldie once saved a litter of African wild dogs.
  8. The Guinness World Record for loudest bark is held by an Australian Goldie, Charlie at at 113.1 decibels.
  9. Goldies are ranked 3rd among the most popular dog breeds.
  10. Golden retrievers are highly valued as assistant dogs for people with disabilities.

5 Popular Names for a Golden Retriever

Ariel Dixie Ginger Gus Teddy

All Cute Dog Names Table

    #2 German Shepherd Dog (GSD) Facts, Information & Names

German Shepherd Dog (GSD) Facts, Information & Names

  1. German Shepherds are a multi-talented breed and can act as guard, show, police, service, as well as a family dog.
  2. The Schutzhund sport was specifically designed for GSDs to test their natural instincts and weed out unsuitable dogs.
  3. GSDs pioneered the service-dog movement to assist people with disabilities in the 1920s.
  4. GSDs make great rescue dogs and have saved many lives in the course of their duties.
  5. GSDs have a high work ethic and are ideal for owners who like to push themselves to the limit in terms of exercise.
  6. German Shepherds are keenly intelligent and can learn many tricks within a short period of time.
  7. Although the GSD is mostly associated with the black and tan color, it actually comes in 11 colors that are officially recognized by the AKC.
  8. The GSD has a following of hundreds of thousands of fans in 78 countries worldwide.
  9. A GSD named “Rumor Has It” won the coveted Best in Show title at the Westminster Dog Show for only the second time in the history of the event.
  10. The German Shepherd Dog is one of the few breeds which includes the name “dog” in its title.

5 Popular Names for a German Shepherd

Anna Apollo Duke Franz Missy

All Happy Dog Names Table

    #1 Labrador Retriever Facts, Information & Names

Labrador Retriever Facts, Information & Names

  1. The Lab has been ranked first in the American Kennel Club’s registration lists for eighteen consecutive years.
  2. The Lab was previously known as the St. John’s dog, named after the capital city of Newfoundland.
  3. Labs have big webbed feet to help them paddle around in the water.
  4. Labrador Retrievers shed hair, so they’re not ideal for people with allergies.
  5. You can get all three colors black, yellow, and chocolate in the same litter regardless of their parents’ color.
  6. Labs have a waterproof double coat that also provides insulation.
  7. They are sprinters capable of hitting 12 mph in a mere three seconds.
  8. Labs have voracious appetites and may require training to discourage begging at the dinner table.
  9. Labs have great control over their jaw muscles and have been known to carry an egg in their mouths without breaking it.
  10. Labs have a high threshold for pain, which makes them ideal for search and rescue operations.

5 Popular Names for a Labrador Retriever

Bailey Cassidy Kennedy Rufus Venus

All Smart Dog Names Table

Top 150 Dog Breeds, Size, TufRank®, Names & Origin

  • The following table is ordered (in the first column) by most searched for dog breeds on Google, not necessarily popularity, like the top 10 lists above.
  • On the occasions where breeds have the same popular names, we have picked second choices to make them all different.
  • Click on a column to order the table in any way you like


  • Small: Under 20 Lb
  • Medium: 21-50 Lb
  • Large: 51-100 Lb
  • Behemoth: 100Lb +


TufRank is a highly scientific measurement of how our TufToys will stand up to your dog’s chewing power. Obviously personality comes into this so gentle giants can also be light chewers just as teacup miniatures can be rascally little toy destroyers. If you disagree with our TufRank, by all means leave a comment and we will look into it 🙂

  • 1 = Weak Chewer
  • 2 = Light Chewer
  • 3 = Moderate Chewer
  • 4 = Heavy Chewer
  • 5 = Power Chewer

Compare the TufRank of our TufToys with your dogs TufRank to see if they are suitable.

Search # Dog Breed Size TufRank [boy] [girl] Origin
#1 Greyhound names [boy](girl) puppies Large 3 [Bandit] (Juno) Ancient Egypt
#2 Australian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 4 [Bailey] (Brandy) Australia
#3 Pitbull / Pit Bull names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 5 [Whiskey] (Roxy) USA / UK
#4 Shiba Inu names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Bonbon] (Angel) Japan
#5 Shih Tzu names [boy](girl) puppies Small 5 [Beau] (Cupid) China
#6 Pomeranian names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Teddy ] (Cutie) Germany/Poland
#7 Tibetan Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 5 [Boomer] (Molly) Tibet
#8 Chihuahua names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Stumpy] (Twiggy) Mexico
#9 Rottweiler names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 5 [Hooch] (Vesta) Germany
#10 Cane Corso / Italian Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 5 [Duke] (Bella) Italy
#11 Welsh Corgi names [boy](girl) puppies Small-Medium 4 [Taffy] (Lady) Wales
#12 Great Dane names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 3 [Apollo] (Olympas) Germany
#13 Pug names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Doodle] (Penny) China
#14 Beagle names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 3 [Cooper] (Daisy) UK
#15 American Bulldog names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 5 [Samson] (Duchess) USA
#16 Border Collie names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Cain] (Maggie) UK/Ireland
#17 English Bulldog names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 5 [Rocky] (Maggie) England
#18 Dachshund / Wiener names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Oscar ] (Reba) Germany
#19 Siberian Husky names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Sergeant] (Reba) Siberia
#20 Labradoodle names [boy](girl) puppies Large 2 [Boots] (Roxy) Australia
#21 Boston Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Chico] (Samantha) USA
#22 Bernese Mountain Dog names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 3 [Jabba] (Scarlet) Switzerland
#23 Doberman names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Max] (Coco) Germany
#24 Great Pyrenees names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 3 [Mickey] (Harley) France/Spain
#25 Goldendoodle names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Jake] (Lucy) N. America/Australia
#26 Labrador Retriever names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Buddy] (Molly) Newfoundland
#27 Belgian Malinois names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 4 [Abel] (Princess) Belgium
#28 Bull Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 4 [Rufus] (Rosie) England
#29 Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkie names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Toby] (Sophie) England
#30 German Shepherd Puppies names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Roman] (Annie) Germany
#31 Rhodesian Ridgeback names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Aaron] (Empress) Rhodesia
#32 Golden Retriever names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Rusty] (Goldie) UK
#33 Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 4 [Kong] (Kaige) England
#34 Blue Heeler names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Jinx] (Lily) Australia
#35 Bichon Frise names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Midget] (Minnie) Canada/France/Spain/Belgium
#36 Doberman Pinscher names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Rudy] (Pepper) Germany
#37 English Cocker Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Incy] (Queenie) England
#38 Alaskan Malamute names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Payne] (Sammy) USA
#39 Bullmastiff names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 4 [Mack] (Sasha) England
#40 Weimaraner names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Attila] (Vicki) Germany
#41 Irish Wolfhound names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 3 [Jupiter] (Zia) Belgium/Ireland
#42 Schnauzer names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Sammy ] (Brenda) Germany
#43 Havanese names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Pip] (Girlie) Cuba
#44 German Shorthaired Pointer names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 4 [Spike] (Gretchen) Germany
#45 Australian Cattle Dog names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Chaos] (Heidi) Australia
#46 Shar Pei names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 3 [Nipper] (Maddy) China
#47 Boxer / Puppies names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Gaius] (Mercy) Germany
#48 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Junior] (Missy) UK
#49 Basset Hound names [boy](girl) puppies Large 3 [Riley] (Roxy) UK/France
#50 Jack Russell Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Small 5 [Harry] (Sandy) England
#51 Poodle names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Murphy] (Sassy) Germany/France
#52 Miniature Schnauzer names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Lucky] (Twilight) Germany
#53 Cockapoo names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 3 [Alfie] (Amber) USA/UK/Germany
#54 Maltipoo names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Charlie] (Blossom) USA
#55 Teacup Yorkie names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Inch] (Fifi) England
#56 English Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 4 [Hulk] (Luna) England
#57 Leonberger names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 5 [Pax] (Misty) Germany
#58 Vizsla names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Tucker] (Sheba) Hungary/Austria
#59 Miniature Pinscher / Min Pin names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Pipsqueak] (Bonnie) Germany
#60 American Staffordshire Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 5 [Rogue] (Chloe) USA
#61 Puggle names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 3 [Chester] (Cinnabun) UK/China
#62 Catahoula Leopard Dog names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Bismarck] (Cyan) USA
#63 Malamute names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 5 [Buster] (Emma) USA
#64 Italian Greyhound names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Simba] (Foxy) Italy
#65 Rat Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Shadow] (Ginger) USA
#66 Caucasian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Potchi] (Pascha) Russia
#67 Portuguese Water Dog names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 4 [Sparky] (Tasha) Portugal
#68 Basenji names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Rascal] (Tinks) D.R. Congo
#69 Papillon names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Button] (Tootsie) France/Spain/Belgium
#70 Newfoundland names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 4 [Boone] (Velvet) Canada/England
#71 French Bulldog Puppies names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 3 [Etienne] (Aimee) France/England
#72 Staffordshire Bull Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 5 [Jett] (Baby) UK
#73 Chiweenie names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Titch] (Babydoll) Mexico/Germany
#74 Pekingese names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Gus] (Babykins) China
#75 Wheaten Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Dinky] (Kissy) Ireland
#76 St /Saint Bernard names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 4 [Rugby] (Rain) Switzerland/France/Italy
#77 Neapolitan Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 5 [Lurch] (Rina) Italy
#78 Catahoula names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Magnum] (Taryn) USA
#79 Golden Doodle Goldendoodle names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Astro] (Abbey) USA/Australia
#80 Scottish Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Jock] (Bobbi) Scotland
#81 Pomsky names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Sam] (Bunny) Germany/Siberia
#82 Brittany Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Ragnor] (Cassie) France
#83 Bloodhound names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 5 [Sumo] (Charlie) France/UK/Belgium
#84 Anatolian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 5 [Brink] (Cinder) Turkey
#85 Airedale Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 4 [Donovan] (Darby) UK
#86 Alaskan Klee Kai names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Ashes] (Dreamy) USA
#87 Akita Dog names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 5 [Edge] (Flora) Japan
#88 Toy Poodle names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Tiny] (Fluff) France
#89 Chesapeake Bay Retriever names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Casey] (Hannah) USA
#90 Irish Setter names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Jagger] (Honey) Ireland
#91 Sheltie names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Chaos] (Kishi) Scotland
#92 Brussels Griffon names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Goober] (Ladybug) Belgium
#93 American Pitbull Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 5 [Dozer] (Piper) USA/UK/Ireland
#94 Dalmatian names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Bobby] (Siouxie) Croatia
#95 Springer Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 4 [Maximus] (Baby) England
#96 Chinese Crested names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Middy] (Bambi) China/Mexico
#97 Giant Schnauzer names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Brawler] (Candy) Germany
#98 Mini Australian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppies Small-Medium 4 [Jinxy] (Ceres) USA
#99 Afghan Hound names [boy](girl) puppies Large 3 [Tazi] (Diana) Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iran
#100 White German Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Wolf] (Helga) Germany
#101 Whippet names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium 4 [Puddles] (Hiccup) England
#102 Norwegian Elkhound names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 5 [Brutus] (Jasmine) Norway
#103 Maltese names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Kewpie] (Katie) Mediterranean Basin
#104 Old English Sheepdog names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Josh] (Leah) England
#105 Pembroke Welsh Corgi names [boy](girl) puppies Small-Medium 4 [Poco] (Lovedy) Wales
#106 Yellow/Silver/Black/Chocolate Lab names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Buddy] (Molly) Newfoundland
#107 Bernedoodle names [boy](girl) puppies Large 4 [Damien] (Rebecca) Canada
#108 Border Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Pumpkin] (Sweetie) UK
#109 Cavapoo names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Mite] (Venus) Australia
#110 Shitzu names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Bing] (Bong) China/Tibet
#111 American Eskimo Dog names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Dante] (Echo) USA/Germany
#112 Schnoodle names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 5 [Bajo] (Ella) Germany
#113 Dutch Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Steele] (Garnet) Netherlands
#114 Alaskan Husky names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 5 [Caesar] (Lola) USA/Siberia
#115 Belgian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Blade] (Mayze) Belgium
#116 Chinook names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Winston] (Satin) USA
#117 Boerboel names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 5 [Ben] (Sugar) South Africa
#118 Lancaster / Lancashire Heeler names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Oliver] (Annabelle) England
#119 Boykin Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Cleveland] (Cinnamon) USA
#120 English Setter names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Dylan] (Cleo) England/Wales
#121 West Highland White Terrier / Westie names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Itsy-Bitsy] (Cody) Scotland
#122 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 4 [Felix] (Dixie) Switzerland
#123 Schipperke names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Slim] (Eugenie) Belgium
#124 Standard Poodle names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Bruno] (Holly) Germany
#125 Redbone Coonhound names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Lincoln] (Lael) USA
#126 Komondor names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 4 [Scout] (Mara) Hungary
#127 Dogue De Bordeaux / French Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 5 [Jumbo] (Mignon) France
#128 Shetland Sheepdog names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 5 [Gideon] (Persis) Scotland
#129 Keeshond names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Archie] (Phoebe) Germany/Netherlands
#130 Tibetan Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Smoky] (Precious) Tibet
#131 Miniature Poodle names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Cody] (Ruby) France
#132 Bull Mastiff / Bullmastiff names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 5 [Tex] (Sable) UK
#133 Fox Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Small 4 [Festus] (Teenie) England
#134 Affenpinscher names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Shorty] (Beatrice) Germany/France
#135 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 4 [Biscuit] (Benelli) Canada
#136 Shih Poo names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Ezra] (Betty) China/Tibet
#137 Black Russian Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Large-Behemoth 4 [Alexander] (Jezebel) Former USSR
#138 Cavachon names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Squirt] (Nikki) Europe
#139 Japanese Chin names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Gizmo] (Pixie) Japan/China
#140 Saluki names [boy](girl) puppies Medium-Large 4 [Jesse] (Reba) Middle East
#141 Norwich / Norfolk Terrier names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Munchkin] (Romy) England
#142 Borzoi names [boy](girl) puppies Large 5 [Victor] (Sierra) Russia
#143 Caucasian Ovcharka Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 5 [Muscles] (Willow) Former USSR
#144 Olde English Bulldogge names [boy](girl) puppies Medium 5 [Jaws] (Zima) USA
#145 Caucasian Mountain Dog names [boy](girl) puppies Behemoth 5 [Chubby] (Zurie) Former USSR
#146 Peekapoo names [boy](girl) puppies Small 3 [Peanuts] (Lois) China/Germany/France
#147 Shorkie names [boy](girl) puppies 3 [Roger] (Lydia) China/UK
#148 Puli names [boy](girl) puppies Small 2 [Cuddles] (Sadie) Hungary

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