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Top 150 Dog Breeds, Size, TufRank, Names & Origin

Part 1 – Top 10 Small Size Dog Facts, Information & Names

Part 2 – Top 10 Medium Size Dog Facts, Information & Names

Part 3 – Top 10 Large Size Dog Facts, Information & Names


Top 150 Dog Breed Table Explained

  1. The following table is ordered (in the first column) by most searched for dog breeds on Google, not necessarily popularity. Greyhound is No.1 mainly because of the bus search
  2. On the occasions where breeds have the same popular names, we have picked second choices to make them all different.
  3. Click on a column to order the table in any way you like


  • Small: Under 20 Lb
  • Medium: 21-50 Lb
  • Large: 51-100 Lb
  • Behemoth: 100Lb +


TufRank is a highly scientific measurement of how our TufToys will stand up to your dog’s chewing power. Obviously personality comes into this so gentle giants can also be light chewers just as teacup miniatures can be rascally little toy destroyers. If you disagree with our TufRank, by all means leave a comment and we will look into it 🙂

  • 1 = Weak Chewer
  • 2 = Light Chewer
  • 3 = Moderate Chewer
  • 4 = Heavy Chewer
  • 5 = Power Chewer

Compare the TufRank of our TufToys with your dogs TufRank to see if they are suitable.

Search #Dog BreedSizeTufRank[boy](girl)Origin
#1Greyhound names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge3[Bandit](Juno)Ancient Egypt
#2Australian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large4[Bailey](Brandy)Australia
#3Pitbull / Pit Bull names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large5[Whiskey](Roxy)USA / UK
#4Shiba Inu names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Bonbon](Angel)Japan
#5Shih Tzu names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall5[Beau](Cupid)China
#6Pomeranian names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Teddy ](Cutie)Germany/Poland
#7Tibetan Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth5[Boomer](Molly)Tibet
#8Chihuahua names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Stumpy](Twiggy)Mexico
#9Rottweiler names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth5[Hooch](Vesta)Germany
#10Cane Corso / Italian Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth5[Duke](Bella)Italy
#11Welsh Corgi names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall-Medium4[Taffy](Lady)Wales
#12Great Dane names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth3[Apollo](Olympas)Germany
#13Pug names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Doodle](Penny)China
#14Beagle names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium3[Cooper](Daisy)UK
#15American Bulldog names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large5[Samson](Duchess)USA
#16Border Collie names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Cain](Maggie)UK/Ireland
#17English Bulldog names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium5[Rocky](Maggie)England
#18Dachshund / Wiener names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Oscar ](Reba)Germany
#19Siberian Husky names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Sergeant](Reba)Siberia
#20Labradoodle names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge2[Boots](Roxy)Australia
#21Boston Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Chico](Samantha)USA
#22Bernese Mountain Dog names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth3[Jabba](Scarlet)Switzerland
#23Doberman names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Max](Coco)Germany
#24Great Pyrenees names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth3[Mickey](Harley)France/Spain
#25Goldendoodle names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Jake](Lucy)N. America/Australia
#26Labrador Retriever names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Buddy](Molly)Newfoundland
#27Belgian Malinois names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large4[Abel](Princess)Belgium
#28Bull Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large4[Rufus](Rosie)England
#29Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkie names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Toby](Sophie)England
#30German Shepherd Puppies names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Roman](Annie)Germany
#31Rhodesian Ridgeback names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Aaron](Empress)Rhodesia
#32Golden Retriever names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Rusty](Goldie)UK
#33Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth4[Kong](Kaige)England
#34Blue Heeler names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Jinx](Lily)Australia
#35Bichon Frise names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Midget](Minnie)Canada/France/Spain/Belgium
#36Doberman Pinscher names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Rudy](Pepper)Germany
#37English Cocker Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Incy](Queenie)England
#38Alaskan Malamute names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Payne](Sammy)USA
#39Bullmastiff names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth4[Mack](Sasha)England
#40Weimaraner names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Attila](Vicki)Germany
#41Irish Wolfhound names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth3[Jupiter](Zia)Belgium/Ireland
#42Schnauzer names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Sammy ](Brenda)Germany
#43Havanese names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Pip](Girlie)Cuba
#44German Shorthaired Pointer names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large4[Spike](Gretchen)Germany
#45Australian Cattle Dog names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Chaos](Heidi)Australia
#46Shar Pei names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium3[Nipper](Maddy)China
#47Boxer / Puppies names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Gaius](Mercy)Germany
#48Cavalier King Charles Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Junior](Missy)UK
#49Basset Hound names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge3[Riley](Roxy)UK/France
#50Jack Russell Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall5[Harry](Sandy)England
#51Poodle names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Murphy](Sassy)Germany/France
#52Miniature Schnauzer names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Lucky](Twilight)Germany
#53Cockapoo names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium3[Alfie](Amber)USA/UK/Germany
#54Maltipoo names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Charlie](Blossom)USA
#55Teacup Yorkie names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Inch](Fifi)England
#56English Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth4[Hulk](Luna)England
#57Leonberger names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth5[Pax](Misty)Germany
#58Vizsla names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Tucker](Sheba)Hungary/Austria
#59Miniature Pinscher / Min Pin names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Pipsqueak](Bonnie)Germany
#60American Staffordshire Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium5[Rogue](Chloe)USA
#61Puggle names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium3[Chester](Cinnabun)UK/China
#62Catahoula Leopard Dog names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Bismarck](Cyan)USA
#63Malamute names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth5[Buster](Emma)USA
#64Italian Greyhound names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Simba](Foxy)Italy
#65Rat Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Shadow](Ginger)USA
#66Caucasian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Potchi](Pascha)Russia
#67Portuguese Water Dog names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large4[Sparky](Tasha)Portugal
#68Basenji names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Rascal](Tinks)D.R. Congo
#69Papillon names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Button](Tootsie)France/Spain/Belgium
#70Newfoundland names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth4[Boone](Velvet)Canada/England
#71French Bulldog Puppies names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium3[Etienne](Aimee)France/England
#72Staffordshire Bull Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium5[Jett](Baby)UK
#73Chiweenie names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Titch](Babydoll)Mexico/Germany
#74Pekingese names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Gus](Babykins)China
#75Wheaten Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Dinky](Kissy)Ireland
#76St /Saint Bernard names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth4[Rugby](Rain)Switzerland/France/Italy
#77Neapolitan Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth5[Lurch](Rina)Italy
#78Catahoula names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Magnum](Taryn)USA
#79Golden Doodle Goldendoodle names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Astro](Abbey)USA/Australia
#80Scottish Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Jock](Bobbi)Scotland
#81Pomsky names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Sam](Bunny)Germany/Siberia
#82Brittany Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Ragnor](Cassie)France
#83Bloodhound names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth5[Sumo](Charlie)France/UK/Belgium
#84Anatolian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth5[Brink](Cinder)Turkey
#85Airedale Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large4[Donovan](Darby)UK
#86Alaskan Klee Kai names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Ashes](Dreamy)USA
#87Akita Dog names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth5[Edge](Flora)Japan
#88Toy Poodle names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Tiny](Fluff)France
#89Chesapeake Bay Retriever names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Casey](Hannah)USA
#90Irish Setter names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Jagger](Honey)Ireland
#91Sheltie names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Chaos](Kishi)Scotland
#92Brussels Griffon names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Goober](Ladybug)Belgium
#93American Pitbull Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large5[Dozer](Piper)USA/UK/Ireland
#94Dalmatian names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Bobby](Siouxie)Croatia
#95Springer Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large4[Maximus](Baby)England
#96Chinese Crested names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Middy](Bambi)China/Mexico
#97Giant Schnauzer names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Brawler](Candy)Germany
#98Mini Australian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall-Medium4[Jinxy](Ceres)USA
#99Afghan Hound names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge3[Tazi](Diana)Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iran
#100White German Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Wolf](Helga)Germany
#101Whippet names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium 4[Puddles](Hiccup)England
#102Norwegian Elkhound names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large5[Brutus](Jasmine)Norway
#103Maltese names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Kewpie](Katie)Mediterranean Basin
#104Old English Sheepdog names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Josh](Leah)England
#105Pembroke Welsh Corgi names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall-Medium4[Poco](Lovedy)Wales
#106Yellow/Silver/Black/Chocolate Lab names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Buddy](Molly)Newfoundland
#107Bernedoodle names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge4[Damien](Rebecca)Canada
#108Border Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Pumpkin](Sweetie)UK
#109Cavapoo names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Mite](Venus)Australia
#110Shitzu names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Bing](Bong)China/Tibet
#111American Eskimo Dog names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Dante](Echo)USA/Germany
#112Schnoodle names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large5[Bajo](Ella)Germany
#113Dutch Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Steele](Garnet)Netherlands
#114Alaskan Husky names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large5[Caesar](Lola)USA/Siberia
#115Belgian Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Blade](Mayze)Belgium
#116Chinook names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Winston](Satin)USA
#117Boerboel names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth5[Ben](Sugar)South Africa
#118Lancaster / Lancashire Heeler names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Oliver](Annabelle)England
#119Boykin Spaniel names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Cleveland](Cinnamon)USA
#120English Setter names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Dylan](Cleo)England/Wales
#121West Highland White Terrier / Westie names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Itsy-Bitsy](Cody)Scotland
#122Greater Swiss Mountain Dog names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth4[Felix](Dixie)Switzerland
#123Schipperke names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Slim](Eugenie)Belgium
#124Standard Poodle names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Bruno](Holly)Germany
#125Redbone Coonhound names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Lincoln](Lael)USA
#126Komondor names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth4[Scout](Mara)Hungary
#127Dogue De Bordeaux / French Mastiff names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth5[Jumbo](Mignon)France
#128Shetland Sheepdog names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium5[Gideon](Persis)Scotland
#129Keeshond names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Archie](Phoebe)Germany/Netherlands
#130Tibetan Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Smoky](Precious)Tibet
#131Miniature Poodle names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Cody](Ruby)France
#132Bull Mastiff / Bullmastiff names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth5[Tex](Sable)UK
#133Fox Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall4[Festus](Teenie)England
#134Affenpinscher names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Shorty](Beatrice)Germany/France
#135Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium4[Biscuit](Benelli)Canada
#136Shih Poo names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Ezra](Betty)China/Tibet
#137Black Russian Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge-Behemoth4[Alexander](Jezebel)Former USSR
#138Cavachon names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Squirt](Nikki)Europe
#139Japanese Chin names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Gizmo](Pixie)Japan/China
#140Saluki names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium-Large4[Jesse](Reba)Middle East
#141Norwich / Norfolk Terrier names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Munchkin](Romy)England
#142Borzoi names [boy](girl) puppiesLarge5[Victor](Sierra)Russia
#143Caucasian Ovcharka Shepherd names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth5[Muscles](Willow)Former USSR
#144Olde English Bulldogge names [boy](girl) puppiesMedium5[Jaws](Zima)USA
#145Caucasian Mountain Dog names [boy](girl) puppiesBehemoth5[Chubby](Zurie)Former USSR
#146Peekapoo names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall3[Peanuts](Lois)China/Germany/France
#147Shorkie names [boy](girl) puppies 3[Roger](Lydia)China/UK
#148Puli names [boy](girl) puppiesSmall2[Cuddles](Sadie)Hungary

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